NCReaderGirl 2014 In Review My Way!

Hello Readers of NCReaderGirl! I hope Everyone had a Wonderful Holiday Season! I can say for certain that we did despite a few hiccups here and there, we just made the best of it, and ran with everything enjoying each day, moment, minute for what it was! We spent both Thanksgiving and Christmas at home in our PJ’s and for that I was absolutely in heaven! ūüėÄ Ha Ha!

Anyhew, I thought I’d do a recap of my year and speak a bit about where 2015 will be taking me!

So first off Through the year I managed to cap out with a total of  35 Book Reviews; 30 Inspirational Posts; 13 and Misc. Posts

Not much honestly by most blog standards that have something new posted almost daily, but hey I manage this one on my own and post when the mood strikes or when I have a review to share!

So for this recap let me share some of my favorite posts again!

Posted January 7th

Having the Tables Turned on Me: My Interview with Author Heather Hildenbrand

This is where I made my introductions to the Wonderfully Beautiful Heather Hildenbrand! I read & reviewed her Book¬†The Indie Author’s Guide: A Self-Publisher’s Toolbox and she loved the review and my blog so much she chose me to be featured on her website with this interview!

Posted January 18th

HERE YE HERE YE ‚Äď Gots Me a Logo! Check It¬†Out!

I was so thrilled when a good friend of mine was willing to work-up a Logo for NC Reader Girl and that’s what you see in my Banner!

Posted January 19th; January 22nd; January 23rd; January 27th; and March 31st;

Book Review: The Mine ‚Äď Book One of the Northwest Passage Series, John A.¬†Heldt

Book Review: The Journey, John A. Heldt, Northwest Passage #2

Book Review: The Show, John A. Heldt; Northwest Passage Book 3

Book Review: The Fire, John A. Heldt, Northwest Passage Book 4

Book Review ‚Äď The Mirror, John A.¬†Heldt

The books of the Northwest Passages Series have grabbed my attention and have me reading them and absorbing them quickly! I am actually re-reading these books and will be reading and reviewing John’s latest book soon!

Posted April 8th

Book Review: Goodwill Tour, Paying it Forward; Keith Maginn

This was the 2nd Book by Keith I reviewed and I honestly am in love with his stories and living vicariously through him! Keith’s an Amazing Writer and I highly suggest anyone who has a chance READ his books!

You can find my review of his first book, Turning this Thing Around, here.

Posted May 19th

Book Review: Writers of the Future,Vol. 30 as Presented by L. Ron Hubbard

I am pulling this one out as a Favorite because it opened my eyes to a new set of Genre’s of books/short stories and many of those in this book are still sitting on my brain! That and this one, by FAR, was the biggest deal in terms of reviews because it came directly from the publisher, a major publishing house!

Posted June 27th

Friday Inspiration: Quotes About Pets

My Dedication to all things Furbabies!

Posted August 1st

Friday Inspiration: Quotes About Marriage

I chose to share these quotes on Marriage because this post was written just days away from my 13th Wedding Anniversary and I always get way more sentimental toward my wonderful hubby in the week surrounding that special day!

Posted August 24th

Friday Inspiration, on a Sunday: Quotes from Robin Williams

No words…No Words…

Posted September 26th

Friday Inspiration: Quotes on Single Parenting

As I explained in my post, I was coming off my tip toe into the world of Single Parenting and I wanted to pay homage to those who do it every single day! Major Props Ya’ll!

Posted November 8th

Heather’s HotShot of the Week: NCReaderGirl aka Lara G

Sometime last year I was asked to join the Heather’s Hotshots Group on Facebook and each week they choose a HotShot to focus on and do a questionnaire style HotShot of the Week – and for the Week Of November 8th I was chosen!

Posted November 17th

Book Review: Effortless Savings: A Step-by-Step Guidebook to Saving Money Without Sacrifice, Richard Syrop

While the book itself wasn’t a favorite of mine – the author’s feedback to the review, while being negative, reminded me why I do what I do – I give honest reviews to books, Period! If an author does not take that criticism to heart and learn from it well then I cannot help them! He just pushed me to remain strong and hold my integrity as a reviewer!

And lastly. Posted December 10th

Girdler 2014 Holiday Newsletter

It has been a whirlwind ride for 2014, and I am looking forward to many more reviews to come in 2015 along with maybe more interaction with the author’s I review and I am even thinking of reaching out to some of them and maybe asking if I can feature some of them here too!!! Until later my friend! Adieu!

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