Book Review – The Mirror, John A. Heldt

The Mirror Book Cover



The Mirror, John A. Heldt

Summary from Author

“On September 11, 2020, Ginny and Katie Smith celebrate their nineteenth birthday at a country fair near Seattle. Ignoring the warnings of a fortune-teller, they enter a house of mirrors and exit in May 1964. Armed with the knowledge they need to return to their time, they try to make the most of what they believe will be a four-month vacation. But their sixties adventure becomes complicated when they meet a revered great-grandmother and fall in love with local boys. In THE MIRROR, the continuation of THE MINE and THE SHOW, the sisters find happiness and heartbreak as they confront unexpected challenges and gut-wrenching choices in the age of civil rights, the Beatles, and Vietnam.”

A county fair always brings to mind images of carnival rides, agriculture shows, craft booths, and oh Lordy the cotton candy and exhibitors galore! When I think of Mirror mazes I think of the circus side show acts, never do I think of the fair – then again I never ventured into the Mirror mazes at the fairs I attended growing up.  Many a summer week was spent cruising the Montgomery County Agricultural fair whilst growing up culminating in a day spent showing the sights, sounds, smells and tastes to my own two kids just two summers ago.  Could I fathom stepping into one of those very mirror mazes and stepping out into a whole other time line? No not once could I imagine doing that, but then again I am not part of the Smith family based in Washington State!

Ginny and Katie Smith thought their adventures after high school would lead them ultimately to college in Seattle and living a life most nineteen year olds imagine – boys, books, dorms, and parties – never once did they imagine when they stepped into the classic mirror maze at the fair in the year 2020 they would step out into May 1964 without the basic knowledge of the Seattle of 1964.  Like their Parent Joel and Grace they both managed to adapt quickly, find jobs, a secure place to stay – with the Great Grandmother they never had a chance to meet mind you – and build a life for themselves in the four months they are there.  Their simplistic life is complicated by the fact that they are from the future – a secret they dare not share with anyone – including their infamous Grandmother Virginia (for whom Ginny is named) especially armed with the knowledge of the world to come.

Can they adapt? Will they find their way home? These answers and so much more are included in the pages of this wonderful capstone to the Northwest Passages series! Ginny and Katie, two young women that any reader can relate to, will pull you in from the very start! Ginny the quiet one and Katie the risk-taker we feel and learn and grow with these two young women as they learn to navigate the world around them – the reader will yearn for the family they are missing in the year 2020 right along with them – we’ll wonder which young man Katie will fall for and will Ginny come out of her shell enough to find true love and learn to just be?  This book like the other four pulled me right from the moment I opened it – could not put it down, probably would not have if I did not have to work.  A definite read for anyone who loves a good romance, adventure, time travel series!

Five out of Five Stars for the Mirror.

**I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review**

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