NCReaderGirl 2014 In Review My Way!

Hello Readers of NCReaderGirl! I hope Everyone had a Wonderful Holiday Season! I can say for certain that we did despite a few hiccups here and there, we just made the best of it, and ran with everything enjoying each day, moment, minute for what it was! We spent both Thanksgiving and Christmas at home […]

Friday Inspiration: Quotes on Single Parenting

As I am coming off of my month in the world of Single Parenthood I am reflecting back and trying to see what I have either learned and/or what came from this experience.  My husband will be home from Grooming School today and while he’s been out of town for the last month I’ve been […]

Friday Inspiration: Quotes About Education and School

Well its that time of year again – the time of year all parents jump for joy! It’s BACK to SCHOOL! This year was sort of bittersweet for my husband and I, our oldest started his journey into Middle School this year and it’s something neither of us was truly prepared for…he’s done good this […]

Friday Inspiration, on a Sunday: Quotes from Robin Williams

It’s taken me quite a bit to be able to write this post – like millions of Americans I was awestruck and struck down when I’d heard about Robin Williams’ death and then hit again when it was discovered he’d committed suicide.  I’ve not been shy about stating the fact that I fight Depression/Anxiety myself […]

Friday Inspiration: Inspiring Quotes from Disney Characters

Many of you probably know that along with being a total Book Addict – I am also someone who LOVES watching movies! And for the longest time in my life, like many around me, Disney has been a staple of the movie diet I keep! Being a parent now gives me an “excuse” if you […]

Friday Inspiration: Quotes About Marriage

Today I am choosing to Celebrate Marriage There is One Simple Reason behind this – Monday, August 4th, is my 13th Wedding Anniversary! Yup my wonderful, patient, loving husband has put up with my ups and downs, ins and outs, tempers and calms, and all things me for the last 13 years of marriage + […]

Friday Inspiration: The All Souls Trilogy

In Honor of the Tuesday, July 15th Release of the Third Installment in the all Souls Trilogy, The Book of Life by Deborah Harkness I thought I’d share some reviews and thoughts on the first two books and an intro to this wonderful final installment in this series! First off Discovery of Witches “This tale is a […]

Friday Inspiration: Quotes About American Independence Day, aka 4th of July

Happy 4th of July One and All! I sincerely hope each of you is having a great 4th! We generally have a fairly quiet one, usually just heading to see the Fireworks show put on in downtown on the Riverwalk…we’re lucky because we live so close we can just walk from home to the show, […]

Friday Inspiration: Quotes About Pets

One would have thought this post would have been done some time ago, why?  Its simple really, I have a house full of animals and we adore each and every one of them for the individual they are – they are each a constant source of love, amusement, and companionship to us – with each […]

Friday Inspiration: Quotes About Summer

Ah Summertime, the time of year where the days are hot, the sun shines brightly, the humidity in, at least Southeastern, NC, is enough to make you yearn for Air Conditioning, and the days are long and lazy! A time of year every child waits impatiently for through the end of the school year.  A […]