NCReaderGirl 2014 In Review My Way!

Hello Readers of NCReaderGirl! I hope Everyone had a Wonderful Holiday Season! I can say for certain that we did despite a few hiccups here and there, we just made the best of it, and ran with everything enjoying each day, moment, minute for what it was! We spent both Thanksgiving and Christmas at home […]

Friday Inspiration, on a Sunday: Quotes from Robin Williams

It’s taken me quite a bit to be able to write this post – like millions of Americans I was awestruck and struck down when I’d heard about Robin Williams’ death and then hit again when it was discovered he’d committed suicide.  I’ve not been shy about stating the fact that I fight Depression/Anxiety myself […]

Friday Inspiration ~ Spring, Spring, Spring, Quotes About Spring

Is there anyone else here in the wonderful world of WordPress who is just as excited about it FINALLY being Spring as I am?!?! Oh my goodness and I stoked about that!!! I love Spring, the colors, the temps, the feel in the air of new growth, the prospect of prosperity and the fertility of […]