Heather’s HotShot of the Week: NCReaderGirl aka Lara G

WOWZERS it’s my turn on this spin cycle on the Heather’s Hotshots Group!! YAY!!!

I feel so Special!!!!

HOTSHOT of the Week

1) Name: Lara Girdler
 2) What are your 3 favorite books of ALL TIME?  Explain.
    1. Island of the Blue Dolphins CoverIsland of the Blue Dolphins, Scott O’Dell – this book just pulled me in and developed my imaginary reading life from the moment I began reading it as a child
    2. Little House on the Prairie SetLittle House on the Prairie Series, Laura Ingalls Wilder – there is just something about living the wild life – exploring the great plains and learning a lot about yourself and life through living just drew me in and gives me a desire to share that with my daughter!
    3. The Little PrinceLa Petite Prince aka The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupery – this was the first book I read in French in school and it was the best thing in the world to take this seeming child’s book and translate it from French to English and learn not only the language of French further but to also develop a bigger imagination in another language, how exciting!!!!


3) Give 5 random facts about yourself, explanations optional.
  1. My love for reading was born when a teacher, my 8th grade English teacher handed me The Hobbit– due to my lack of interest it took me somewhere around a month to read that book – she later told me that it was not likely I’d read another book or be able to read more than one in a month’s time – well little known to her later that summer my Mom would hand me my first Danielle Steele novel and during that summer I read 8 more books and continued to read to this day.  While I have shelved Danielle Steele for now, that passion and interest born that summer has continued on for the last 21 years and will continue going forward.
  2. I have little to no patience whatsoever – this is something I am working on – BUT it’s been a very slow process…very very slow…
  3. I am a hobby photographer – love playing with my camera and learning new ways to capture the world around me with a lens.
  4. I have one tattoo with plans for five or six more if I could ever find the money…one look at me and most people wouldn’t guess that
  5. At heart I am rocker-bitch, prefer rock music over the pop stuff you hear these days. YET I will turn on Classical Music from time-to-time to tame my mind and wilder music side 😉


4) Current Book Boyfriend?  Do give details!  😉

None – I tend not to get too attached to any one character specifically…I am more of a get attached to a book itself vs. the individual characters – personally I feel that the characters as a group make a story vs. one individual.  That and my Hubby is pretty close to being a perfect specimen of a hubby – no he’s not an Adonis physically, but he’s tall & Lean and I love that – he loves me and the kids with everything in him and he’d do just about anything I ask without question! He spoils me rotten and makes me feel like a princess! So I don’t need an imaginary BF when I have the real deal at home!

5) This or that (explanations optional!)?
  1. Elemental or Zombie? Elemental
  2. Harry Potter or Hunger Games? Harry Potter
  3. Dog or Cat? Both
  4. Milk or Water? Water
  5. Summer/Winter/Fall/Spring? Spring
  6. Middle Earth or Hogwarts? Hogwarts
  7. Dean Winchester or Sam Winchester (#Supernatural)? Um neither – never seen Supernatural
  8. Tattoos or Piercings? – Tattoos
  9. Angel or Demon? – Some combo of both
  10. Diamonds or Gems? Both


6) Name a few of your hobbies (besides reading)


Crochet – I love to crochet everything I can think up – Afghans are my specialty though (below is a baby blanket & hat I made for a friend from college)

Blanket & Hat for Penny

Roller Skating – it’s great exercise and a lot of fun!

Lara & Ashley Skating at Jelly Beans

My daughter @ I taking a break at the skating rink over the summer!

PF Logo

Exercise – Yes I am a gym rat!

GS Logo

Girl Scouts – I am heavily involved in my daughter’s troop and have become a co-leader this year taking over our Brownies!


7) Now post this and a 2-3 (or more) fun/funny/favorite pictures of yourself!

Oh Goodness – Pics of me are RARE so please bare with me

Ashley 1st Da 4th Grade Austin 1st Day 6th Grade

Well let’s start with my baby’s – on the left is Ashley on her 1st Day of 4th Grade and on the right is Austin on his 1st Day of 6th Grade

Lara & Tama

This was taken over the summer – this is me with my Parents’ doggy Tama, she and I are good buddies!

L& Pickles

This is me with my Kitty Pickles

Oct 2012 Riverfest

Ashley & I September 2012 – to give a marker of where I started on my weight loss journey!

There weren’t a lot of pics of me pre-weight loss I tended to avoid the camera all together


L&Ash Prep for World Thinking Day


And then the weight started coming off and I was willing to get in front of the camera! The above is from our prep for a Girl Scouting Event!

This has been fun!!!! Thanks Shana for choosing me this Week!


7 thoughts on “Heather’s HotShot of the Week: NCReaderGirl aka Lara G

  1. This is so cool! I didn’t know you spoke French! Makes me wish I spoke another language! 🙂

    I have to say that I never did fall in love with the Little House books… my third grade teacher made us read it as a class way back in the day and I really hated every minute of it. I blame the teacher because she was a real witch, so… perhaps one day I’ll pick it up and try again. 🙂

    You definitely should check out #Supernatural, Dean Winchester is amazing. 🙂 I guess Sam is too, but I’m all about Dean. 😀

    • I don’t really speak it much anymore, have a few tidbits I remember it’s been eons since I took the class, though I’ve looked into taking french lessons again to remember it!

      I re-read them several years ago because my 5th grade teacher did the same thing and yeah I fell in love with them again…

      Join the club have several friends who say the same thing, between going to the gym 5 nights a week and girl scouts I barely have time for the few shows I do watch LOL!!

  2. You need to watch Supernatural!!! Its freakin awesome 😉 Ive never read the Little House on the prairie books but I did watch one episode of the tv show. My boys are in the scouts and they love it. When my 4 yr old is bigger I plan to become a leader too 🙂
    Awesome post!!

    • Ok ok I can take a hint, if I can find some time this weekend I’ll see about finding it on Hulu (no Netflix account)

      Re-read the books! As an adult you can appreciate them so much more than as a child!

      Becoming a leader for my daughter’s troop has by far been the best decision I’ve ever made!

  3. French! And THe Hobbit was MY first favorite that made me fall in love with reading and Fantasy! AND then Danielle Steel for me too! Wow! Lots in common! And my daughter read Island of the Blue Dolphins last year for school. Pretty sure it’s what hooked her as well. She couldn’t stop talking about that one. So awesome getting to see all of this from you. And you are gorgeous! Ohmygosh! You have lost a ton of weight (you were gorgeous either way) so congratulations for all of the hard work you’ve done! You look amazing! =) So glad you have you as part of the Hotshots!


    • Thanks Heather! I really just didn’t get the hook into The Hobbit like a lot of people do, at the time (I was 13) it just didn’t interest me, would it now, perhaps, especially now that I’ve delved into some Fantasy novels recently…and yeah Danielle Steele totally was my reading Hook! Mom handed me one of her books and that was it, the love of reading was launched!! My daughter also has read bits and pieces of Island of the Blue Dolphins and she enjoyed what she did read, her ADHD has prevented her from really sinking her teeth into it, then again she’s 9! LOL!!!

      Thanks on the compliment! I appreciate it!

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