Having the Tables Turned on Me: My Interview with Author Heather Hildenbrand

I was recently asked by author and author-consultant Heather Hildenbrand to read her book, The Indie Author’s Guide: A Self-Publisher’s Toolbox – in which she turns the tables on us bloggers! My readers know how interested I am in publishing and so I was eager to check it out. (Aside from the chance to review her book, she also interviewed me for a post on her blog; you can read the entire conversation there, or scroll to the bottom of this post for some highlights from our chat!)

The Indie Author’s Guide: A Self-Publisher’s Toolbox

Indie Author's Guide Cover

Summary from Amazon.com:

“Whether you’re an aspiring author or have been published for a year, this guide is full of information, links, and support sites that can help increase sales and streamline your business as a self-published author. This guide is not like other self-help books on publishing. It includes very specific how-to instructions along with a timeline so you also know when to implement each item. If you’re looking for vague instructions or easy banter, this guide is NOT for you. If you need a little sarcastic humor and someone in your ear telling you to get off your butt and make your dream happen, this IS the guide for you!”

What’s inside:

–An extensive list of links to editors, cover artists, formatters, and bloggers is included
–Marketing, blog tours, release day blitzes
–Formatting, cover art and artists for hire, editors, what to ask when hiring out
–Garnering reviews, how and where to meet bloggers
–Where to find review groups, beta readers, critique partners
–Branding, blogging, and social media
–Time management, daily goals, sales strategies, what works, what doesn’t

All of this and more is included in this hold-your-hand-style guide!

My Review:

If anyone you know has ever considered self-publishing, then this is the book for them!  I’ve discussed this very thing on my blog, several times over; but this guide includes a brief re-cap on the steps to self-publishing, and then goes into so much more and with a lot more detail.  Heather Hildenbrand’s unique, self-deprecating humor – along with her examples and real-life, real-time advice – are sure to guide any aspiring indie author to success. Chapter by chapter, she walks the reader through the steps required to get their book not only online and published – but, most importantly, sold! Time after time, I found myself laughing out loud to her wit, jokes and one-liners.  Personally, I am not looking to publish a book in the immediate future; but I am definitely hanging on to Heather’s guide, should my long-desired memoir come to fruition.  She puts the steps, suggestions and examples in such simple language that anyone could follow them with ease. I felt as though I could almost take any ready manuscript, myself; hand it off to a friend for peer review, find someone to critical review it and then continue the steps of the process until it were uploaded online and sold!

Overall, I found Heather’s book very interesting and amusing, all at once – the “tone” of the author’s voice in the book is as though the reader is sitting down to a conversation in her office or chatting over coffee, loving it! (Sure, the reader might get some strange looks at work because of all the giggling coming from their cubicle 😉 Seriously, I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone who is looking to publish his or her own book independently and online, themselves!

Our conversation:

Speaking of sitting down for a conversation with the author, I also had the chance to personally talk with Heather; in addition to asking me for a review of her book, Heather also interviewed me for a post on her blog! You can read the entire conversation there, but here are some highlights from our chat:

Heather: So, Lara …..Are you a writer?
Lara: No, not currently – writing books is not something in my future – articles, blog posts, maybe – sadly my imagination does not stretch too much to generate novels for entertainment!
H: Do you read self-published books?
L: I’ll read anything put in front of me that is well-written, edited, formatted, and flows properly.
H: What is one thing indie authors are doing well?
L: In a word – Marketing, they are getting more and more proficient with using their own toolkit of marketing, PR, and book tours available to them to market their books. They are using social media, networking and every tool that any business uses to get their books in front of readers, bloggers, libraries, etc..
H: What’s your preferred genre to read in?
L: I started my love of reading with romance novels, specifically Danielle Steele – however, these days you will more often than not find me reading Mystery, Crime, and Court Room drama books.

Wrap-up and Social Media:

Thanks again to Heather – not only for the chance to review her handy and informative book, but also for the opportunity to do some chatting and reflection about current trends in writing and publishing, overall! Feel free to connect with Heather, yourself, and let her know what you think – or ask her some questions of your own! She can be found through these links and social media:

Phoenix Author Ink – Heather’s BlogHeather on Facebook – Heather on Twitter


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