Girdler 2014 Holiday Newsletter

Girdler 2014 Holiday Newsletter

2014 X-Mas Tree

Every year it seems as if time just flies – one minute we are celebrating the New Year and then Wam Bam the next it’s Christmas again and we look back saying to ourselves “Where did the Year go? And How did it Pass so Very Quickly?” Do you all ever feel that way? I am sure you all do! Ha! As Dr. Seuss once said “How did it get so late so soon? Its night before its afternoon. December is here before its June.  My goodness how the time has flewn.  How did it get so late so soon?” I think this is appropriate for this time of year…we awake and its near dark still, we work all day, and then go home when its near twilight, I feel as if we miss the bulk of the daylight hours – even more reason to cherish the time we do spend with the daylight of December!

2014 was not quite as stimulating and trying, if you will as 2013 was, we did not have as much “Drama” if you will – February brought in some highs and lows in the form of a car wreck that put us out of sorts for a bit – our 2000 Ford Focus was totaled and thankfully our insurance company gave us enough money to both pay off the loan on the Focus and then also have enough left over for a decent down payment on a 2005 Chevy Venture (a minivan)! We have wanted to get back into a van since Trusty Rusty died in 2011, so this was a twofold gift we did not see coming – they say everything happens for a reason, and for sure that wreck happened for a reason!

Sadie  Also in February we welcomed a new member to our growing family! We had been discussing adopting a Puppy to assist with the transition when Nixon passes – he’s ten years old, so we knew that if we were going to add a puppy to the mix, 2014 would be the best time to do so.  After some perusing through the adoption groups at PetsMart we found Safety, now named Sadie, who at the time was a 7-Month old Pit Rescue.  She was rescued by Pender Endangered Animal Rescue with her brother and Mom from a back yard in Pender County – at the meet and greet she got along beautifully with Nixon and we knew it was a match made in heaven!  She’s been a delight, and at times a point of contention, to have in the house! She’s stubborn as a mule, hard headed and just as sweet as they come.  She craves love and attention and goes out of her way to get said love and attention at all times – even if that means getting between us and whomever we’re paying attention to at the moment she wants attention, Ha! She’s a trip, but we love her! Pictured is Sadie on the day we brought her home! Just as sweet and innocent as they come!

GS Camporee Group Shot

The Spring brought with it two smallish trips, the first being the annual Girl Scout Camporee for Lara & her daughter along with the Girl Scout Troop we ventured out to Pender County to Camp Kirkwood for a weekend of Girl Scouting Fun!  The weekend was spent doing crafts, playing games all culminating into one big Color Extravaganza for the girls!  It was a fun-filled weekend that we are very much looking forward to repeating in the Spring of 2015 only this time the theme will be Disney! Our Troop has chosen the movie Sleeping Beauty as our Theme and the girls are super excited!!!

Walking the Farm

The second trip being a weekend spent in Maryland visiting with our family!  We spent the bulk of the weekend on adventures around Maryland! First, traveling to Annapolis to visit with Lara’s Grandparents at their retirement community, then over to Landover to walk the old Family Farm surrounding Fed-Ex field – yes where the Washington Redskins Play and then up to Frederick to visit Lara’s Alma Mater, Hood College before going over to Jimms’ parents place! Wrapping up the weekend at dinner with Trevor, Sonya & Paul! All in all an awesome weekend!  It was also Sadie’s first road trip up North, a trip Nixon’s taken a handful of times, she did wonderfully, albeit a bit timid on the ride up not sure what was happening – however, as soon as we got home she was super excited and just happy as a clam to be home!

As soon as we came home it was time to return our attention to the Kids’ end of school year events and getting ready for the summer fun they were sure to have at the Brigades’ Summer Camp!

We wrapped up the school year with My Son’s 5th Grade Graduation from Sunset Park and My Daughter’s 3rd Grade Award Ceremony! We spent some time over the summer prepping the boy for a new beginning in 6th Grade and Middle School!  We still cannot believe our boy is in the 6th Grade and flourishing under the guidance of his teachers! More on that below – so keep reading!

So that is where we are at current! We are gearing up for My Daughterys birthday and another Christmas – Sadly this year not all of us are unable to make it to Maryland, but we are thankful to be able to have most of us be able to visit for the Holiday!

Merry Christmas

Updates Time!

Lara has managed to stay busy with her job – in fact just earlier this fall she was finally offered a full-time permanent position with benefits within the Company! She will maintain her current position, but now has more opportunity for company-sponsored training and advancement within her company.  This blog has continued to grow and bloom, with more book review requests coming through monthly, especially so coming in the form of virtual book tours, interviews with other bloggers and a chance to be spotlighted on Author websites! It’s been an amazing adventure and one she is hoping to continue through 2015!  In the duration of the year she’s also worked very hard at continuing a weight loss journey she started in September 2013 – all in throughout her journey she’s lost 55lbs and is much healthier now than she has been in the past! In addition this fall Lara took on a leadership role within the Girl Scout Troop taking over the Brownie’s (2nd & 3rd Grade Girl Scouts) as their leader!  She just loves working with her scouts and developing budding leaders and scouts!

James has been busier than ever with his store, he’s made the transition from the Sales Floor to the Grooming Salon graduating from Grooming School in September!  We are very proud of this accomplishment as he was hand-picked for the position by the then-Salon Manager along with his Department Manager in Pet Care!  While he is still working to get his footing in the Salon he’s getting better with each day and every dog he grooms is getting easier and easier!

My Son’s fifth grade year wrapped up nicely, he passed his EOG’s (End of Grade Exams) even scoring a perfect 5 on the Science EOG’s and has moved into sixth grade and Middle School– we were very proud of his 1st quarter report card, All A’s & B’s! This is such an accomplishment for him – though it came on the heels of a lot of hard work! We couldn’t imagine anything better from him – he pushes himself day-in and day-out to do well and he’s working very hard to continue that success!  His drawing and engineering talents have moved into the world of anime drawing as he’s recently taken an interest in Pokemon and Comic Books! He’s worked hard to develop some of his own stories, characters, and comics! We’re very proud of this ever expanding imagination he’s developing.

My Daughter’s moved out of third grade with a BANG doing well in all areas and is continuing to excel in fourth grade! She is very happy about her progress and where she’s at currently – our budding scientist has all the makings for some success in the sciences, or so says her teachers! Her first quarter report card brought home all A’s & B’s! So we’re very proud of her for that!  She’s in the AIG program at school and is doing very well!  She bridged earlier this school year to a first year Junior and is doing wonderfully under the guidance of her Leader! She just loves being in her Troop and being around all of her friends, to say that her Thursday night Scout meetings are her favorites times would be an understatement!

There are no wondrous words of wisdom or a piece of advice or something to try this year, sorry all!

But we will leave you with this thought for the holiday season and the New Year:

Allow the light from the Sun to fill you each morning, stay positive and know that Mother Earth is with you each step of the way! She is the foundation of all you do, and will work within your energy to move you forward. 

Do not allow the dark of the short days to cloud your vision, and draw your energy out of you, carry the Sun within you and you too shall see the results of that positive cloud within you!

The days are shorter this time of year, but know that on the day of the Celebration of Yule we welcome the Sun Gods return to the earth and with that the return of longer days and then the warmth of spring!

 This is the time of year, not for getting the newest and best toy on the market – but for being with family and enjoying the company of those you love – allow it to surround you and fill you with that light to carry you through the New Year!

Merry Christmas

Happy Hanukkah

Blessed Yule

Love to All


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    • Thanks! Slowly but surely they will be – hubby has finished his training period and is now on the Commission-Scale so he should be making more. My small raise has helped and the leave as well ensuring I get a full paycheck, especially over the holidays.

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