Book Series: The 1929 Series by M.L. Gardner

Do you love Historic Fiction?  If you are anything like me you certainly do! I just finished reading this amazing series by M.L. Gardner! I’d picked up 1929, Jonathan’s Cross about a year a go via the Daily Free Books listing and instantly was hooked.  I had to seek out the others in the series […]

The Kingdom Collection, Marie Hall

Good Morning Readers! Today I am venturing down a different road – today I want to share a collection of books that I stumbled upon well over a year ago and have absolutely fallen head over heels in love with! Marie Hall’s Kingdom Collection She weaves tales of sex, love, fate, and Fairy’s using the […]

Book Review: The Sisters’ Grimoire: Prequel Novella (The Sisters’ Grimoire Trilogy), by Suza Kates

Summary from “Tate Whiteburn has come home to Bar Harbor, Maine, but what should have been a short trip takes an unexpected turn. The Victorian house near the cliffs holds much more than painful memories, and when lightning strikes midnight, family secrets unfold. She and her sisters have no choice but to work together, […]