Book Review: Hidden Agenda, Peter S. Berman

  Hidden Agenda by Peter S. Berman Jeremy Hart, Senior Prosecutor for the California DA’s office based in Los Angeles appears to have it all – the life one would dream of – a good paying, high ranking position in the State Government, the semi-luxurious lifestyle, and freedom. However, it is all a façade, yes […]

AMother’s Day to Remember…

Well the switch has been made, my husband managed to dig up for me a ‘new-used’ Kindle Keyboard for Mother’s Day – evidently his boss replaced his and was giving away his old one – and my hubby being the wonderful man that he is told him he had the perfect home for it! Yup! […]

The Future of Reading and Writing

I received a copy of this article from April 1, 2013’s Washington Post from my wonderful parents who live in the DC Suburbs.  Mom thought it would be something of interest to me, and too right she was!  It’s a fascinating look at how (8) individuals in the industry have taken to the changes in […]

It’s a Day…May Day, May 1st…Time for an Update

Seems as of late my Financial Life Lessons blog has been busier than ever, conversations started, responses ensued and this wonderful space of mine in cyberspace got neglected, so for that I am feeling terribly guilty. Ok so where are we, well for starters I have my letters formatted and ready to go – I’ve […]