In Stores NOW! The Weight of Blood, Laura McHugh

Last year I had the absolute Pleasure of Reading and Reviewing Laura McHugh’s Book, The Weight of Blood, so imagine my surprise when I was walking through Target last Weekend and SAW the Book on the Shelf!! I was Gobsmacked!  I literally squealed and jumped up and down like a school girl I was soo excited […]

Book Review: Writers of the Future,Vol. 30 as Presented by L. Ron Hubbard

A couple of weeks ago I posted on the launch of this collection of short stories as Presented by L. Ron Hubbard, you can find the preview post here;  Today, I am posting my review! Enjoy!! Writers of the Future, Vol. 30 as Presented by L. Ron Hubbard Celebrate  New Writers New Winners New Worlds […]

L. Ron Hubbard Presents – Writers of the Future, Vol. 30

            TODAY MAY 6, 2014 OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE  L. Ron Hubbard PRESENTS Writers of the Future, Vol. 30  Today, May 6th, 2014 is the OFFICIAL Release Date of this Amazing Collection of Short Stories and Illustrations! Celebrate  New Writers New Winners New Worlds Writers of the Future: Volume 30 This is your […]

Happy First Anniversary!

  Our first year has passed by, has it truly been a year since I posted that very first post discussing how I was going to use 2013 to change my life and move into publishing? I simply cannot believe it for sure!  But it has been a year and a busy one it has been! I […]

The Future of Print Books in the Digital Age

Well I did it, I submitted my essay to Writers Cash – now we wait  see what happens – I am putting it here as well, feedback would be appreciated  – I am brand new to the Chicago style formatting, UoP used APA and that’s what I grew adept at using while working on my […]

The Future of Reading and Writing

I received a copy of this article from April 1, 2013’s Washington Post from my wonderful parents who live in the DC Suburbs.  Mom thought it would be something of interest to me, and too right she was!  It’s a fascinating look at how (8) individuals in the industry have taken to the changes in […]

Where are We? Roughly 30-Days into 2013…

  I recently noticed I haven’t been really good about the updates, I have been distracted, all with good things, but distracted nonetheless.  The case is simple, I got wrapped up in projects outside of my chosen career path – first the painting of our living room (a project long overdue) and some knitting/crochet projects […]


Trending is generally thought of when one thinks of the fashion industry – well a fashionista I am most definitely NOT! I’ve been called ‘sylish’ but I choose to use the term lightly. I apply it so especially when it comes to pop culture trends, especially in terms of electronic ‘toys’, my family is not […]