Book Review: Turning this Thing Around, Keith Maginn

    Turning this Thing Around, Keith Maginn Summary from “Turning This Thing Around is an inspiring memoir of overcoming personal struggles. This brutally honest, deeply personal account of redemption takes readers on a moving spiritual journey. Confronted with a myriad of obstacles–a debilitating arthritic disease, narcolepsy, anxiety and depression–the author was outwardly happy, […]

Book Review: Chasing Eternity, Diann Ducharme

  **this review was written as requested by the Publisher in exchange for a copy received via NetGalley** Description borrowed from NetGalley Chasing Eternity, Diann Ducharme “Genetics doctoral student and longevity researcher Ryan Abernathy restricts his calories and his social life; he is terrified of death, but his life, governed by study and exercise, is […]

Book Review: The Heaven’s Rise, Christopher Rice

  The Heaven’s Rise; Christopher Rice Summary from This review was written as requested by the publisher for an honest review from “It’s been a decade since the Delongpre family vanished near Bayou Rabineaux, and still no one can explain the events of that dark and sweltering night.  No one except Niquette Delongpre, […]

Book Review: The Hanging Judge, Michael A. Posner

Description from NetGalley: Based on the experience of the author, a federal judge who in 2000 presided over the first capital case in Massachusetts in more than fifty years, this extraordinary debut thriller offers an unprecedented inside view of a federal death penalty trial When a drive-by shooting in Holyoke, Massachusetts, claims the lives of […]

The Future of Print Books in the Digital Age

Well I did it, I submitted my essay to Writers Cash – now we wait  see what happens – I am putting it here as well, feedback would be appreciated  – I am brand new to the Chicago style formatting, UoP used APA and that’s what I grew adept at using while working on my […]

Inspiration for a Friday!

As of late it seems all I am posting here is book reviews, which honestly isn’t a bad thing, but the purpose behind this blog was to track my move from Professional Administrator to doing something in the Publishing world, and as it would seem that has gone to the wayside due to my very […]