Fanfiction Review #4: Twilight on the Blue Lagoon

Tonight my review will combines a little of my thoughts and some videos of the movie this specific fanfic is based on – it’s amazing how easily one can translate a movie into a fanfiction, the author, knicnort3, has managed to weave the two stories together somewhat seamlessly  First though let me share the trailer for […]

Where are We? Roughly 30-Days into 2013…

  I recently noticed I haven’t been really good about the updates, I have been distracted, all with good things, but distracted nonetheless.  The case is simple, I got wrapped up in projects outside of my chosen career path – first the painting of our living room (a project long overdue) and some knitting/crochet projects […]

Fanfiction Review #2: Eight Years Later

This is my first Twilight Fanfic Review, the story has been either moved, renamed or deleted, I cannot locate it anywhere on Fanfiction…which is a bummer because it’s a decent story. This story takes place after the first half of New Moon  – what if Alice had not seen Bella Jump? – What is she […]

Fanfiction Review #1: Journey Westward

Let me pre-empt this post with this statement – when one reads Fanfiction they MUST realize that what is written is NOT what the original author wrote, they’ve simply taken their characters, settings, and basic plots and re-worked them into a story all their own.  Sometimes you find one that is really good (as will […]