Friday Inspiration: Quotes from the One and Only Maya Angelou

When the headline came across WECT’s website on Wednesday morning that the Inspiring Poet, Entrepreneur, Nobel Laureate and all around Inspiring Woman Maya Angelou had passed I loudly exclaimed “NO! Oh My God!” all of my co-workers thought I had lost my mind – but this woman has been a foundation and inspiration in my […]

Friday Inspiration: Quotes for Memorial Day

As we approach this weekend, many see it as the weekend summer kicks off, pools open, and a time for Barbeque’s and Parties – yet many Americans forget what the true meaning of this weekend is – it’s a time to remember our fallen Heroes those Men and Women who have died for our freedom, […]

Book Review: Writers of the Future,Vol. 30 as Presented by L. Ron Hubbard

A couple of weeks ago I posted on the launch of this collection of short stories as Presented by L. Ron Hubbard, you can find the preview post here;  Today, I am posting my review! Enjoy!! Writers of the Future, Vol. 30 as Presented by L. Ron Hubbard Celebrate  New Writers New Winners New Worlds […]

Friday Inspiration: Quotes on Editing

Ok it’s time to get back to the purpose behind this blog – Publishing! So today I am going to share some quotes on Editing! Please Enjoy! “There are similarities between being an editor and a tailor. Tailors have a vast supply of fabrics, buttons and thread at their disposal and put it together to […]

Book Review: Heart of Stone, Christine Warren

  Heart of Stone, Christine Warren Summary from “A young woman caught between a rock and a hard place—between gargoyles and demons… Ella Harrow is trying to carve out a normal life for herself. Well, as normal as an art geek with psychic abilities can hope for. As museum docent and gift-shop manager, Ella […]

Friday Inspiration: Quotes on Motherhood

This week in honor of Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 11, 2014, I have decided to post inspirational quotes on Motherhood. I am Mom to two of the most amazing kiddos in the world! My son, an 11yr old Lego Engineer/Artist who just loves all things Minecraft, Lego, Simpsons, and Drawing, he was the first to […]

L. Ron Hubbard Presents – Writers of the Future, Vol. 30

            TODAY MAY 6, 2014 OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE  L. Ron Hubbard PRESENTS Writers of the Future, Vol. 30  Today, May 6th, 2014 is the OFFICIAL Release Date of this Amazing Collection of Short Stories and Illustrations! Celebrate  New Writers New Winners New Worlds Writers of the Future: Volume 30 This is your […]

Book Review: Surrounded by Madness: A Memoir of Mentall Illness and Family Secrets, Rachel Pruchno, Ph.D.

  Summary from “”What was the likelihood my adopted daughter would have my father’s hazel eyes and my mother’s mental illness?” In this fiercely candid memoir, Dr. Pruchno, a scientist widely acclaimed for her research on mental illness and families, shows how mental illness threatened to destroy her own family. Not once, but twice. […]

Friday Inspiration…Rather Friday Funnies About Retail…

Today I am changing things up a bit – going to step away from Inspirational Quotes…going to instead post some Friday Funnies about Retail life.  My hubby, whom I absolutely ADORE works very hard for a major pet retailer – he’s been with them now almost four years – but he has also worked in […]