Friday Inspiration: Quotes on Publishing

This week we’re back into the groove of Publishing…pulling quotes this week about and in reference to Publishing!

I mean seriously Books and Publishing are why I am here yes! So please Enjoy the Below!

Waste paper spilling out of bin“I don’t think anyone is ever writing so that you can throw it away.  You’re always writing it to be something. Later, you’ll decide whether it’ll ever see the light of day.  But at the moment its writing, it’s always meant to be something.  So, to me, there’s no practicing; there’s only editing and publishing or not publishing”

 – Steve Martin


Book Image Mountain

“I wanted to highlight that whole dreadful process in book publishing that ‘nothing succeeds like success'”

 – Doris Lessing

Book Publishing

“Publishing is a Business.  Writing may be art, but publishing, when all is said and done, comes down to dollars”

 – Nicholas Sparks

Dont Judge a Book


“You can’t judge a book by its cover but you sure can sell a bunch of books if you have a good one”

 – Joyce O’Neal

Write from the Heart

“Write from the hear.  A book without a pulse is like a person without spirit”

 – Linda Radke, President of Five Star Publications


I hope you have enjoyed each of these! Have a Great Weekend!

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