Friday Inspiration: Quotes for Memorial Day

As we approach this weekend, many see it as the weekend summer kicks off, pools open, and a time for Barbeque’s and Parties – yet many Americans forget what the true meaning of this weekend is – it’s a time to remember our fallen Heroes those Men and Women who have died for our freedom, […]

Friday Inspiration: Quotes on Publishing

This week we’re back into the groove of Publishing…pulling quotes this week about and in reference to Publishing! I mean seriously Books and Publishing are why I am here yes! So please Enjoy the Below! “I don’t think anyone is ever writing so that you can throw it away.  You’re always writing it to be […]

Friday Motivation on Saturday: Quotes On Handling Stress

If anyone has been following my Financial Lessons Learned Blog, you’d know we have been dealing with a lot of stress lately due to an unexpected car accident, if not please hop on over to my other Blog Here and check it out – so because we finally concluded one aspect of the car wreck […]

Friday Inspiration: Thoughts from America’s Sweetheart, Shirley Temple Black

This Week I honor a woman who made an impact in many areas of the world, both in film and with the U.N. I am choosing to honor Ms. Shirley Temple Black who passed on earlier this week. “Our whole way of life today is dedicated to the removal of risk.  Cradle to grave we […]

Happy First Anniversary!

  Our first year has passed by, has it truly been a year since I posted that very first post discussing how I was going to use 2013 to change my life and move into publishing? I simply cannot believe it for sure!  But it has been a year and a busy one it has been! I […]

Friday Inspiration – Life, Responsibility, and Challenges

We all live our lives We all have responsibilities And we all overcome challenges on a day to day basis It’s how we face those challenges that define us as a person It’s what builds our character It’s what teaches us about life It’s what develops our sense of responsibility Today’s Quotes speak on all […]

Friday Inspiration on a Monday…

Happy Belated Thanksgiving! I sincerely hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving! We sure did!  We had the ultimate honor of hosting two wonderful young Marines in our home for the holiday, courtesy of a program a local coffee shop, Port City Java, runs each year where they bring new Boot Camp grads to Wilmington and […]

Inspiration for a Friday!

As of late it seems all I am posting here is book reviews, which honestly isn’t a bad thing, but the purpose behind this blog was to track my move from Professional Administrator to doing something in the Publishing world, and as it would seem that has gone to the wayside due to my very […]