Friday Inspiration: Quotes on Editing

Ok it’s time to get back to the purpose behind this blog – Publishing! So today I am going to share some quotes on Editing! Please Enjoy! “There are similarities between being an editor and a tailor. Tailors have a vast supply of fabrics, buttons and thread at their disposal and put it together to […]

Friday Inspiration: Quotes on Publishing

This week we’re back into the groove of Publishing…pulling quotes this week about and in reference to Publishing! I mean seriously Books and Publishing are why I am here yes! So please Enjoy the Below! “I don’t think anyone is ever writing so that you can throw it away. ¬†You’re always writing it to be […]

Book Review: Green Eggs and Weezie, Cathy Olliffe-Webster

Green Eggs and Weezie by Cathy Olliffe-Webster Summary from “You think you’ve got the world by the woo-hoo, don’t you? Happily married? Oh yeah. Good kids? Uh huh. That’s what Weezie Polk thought until one day the man who would never cheat on her (never, never, oh no, not him) was caught massaging bare […]

July 2…An Update…Have Yet Another Uphill Battle Ahead…

Well well well…of the 17 or so letters I mailed out several weeks ago, I have received two – yes a whopping two responses…I am pleased nonetheless with the two I did get – seems I have a lot to think about. Both responses were from Editors – one from what is known as a […]