Change and What Our Dreams Can Tell Us…Part III

Ok so the last couple of nights we’ve talked about two very significant dreams I had over the weekend and how they’ve impacted me and what their possible meanings are, I have come to two firm conclusions on them thus far: 1.  The escaping of the arranged marriage doesn’t mean I am unhappy in my […]

Change and What Our Dreams Can Tell Us…

Change What prompts change? For all of us that trigger is different, myself, to lose these excess 50-pounds I have been carrying around for years was being told that at 35 years of age my good cholesterol was higher than it should have been.  Excuse me? I thought all was ok! I guess not, and […]

Friday Inspiration: Quotes from the One and Only Maya Angelou

When the headline came across WECT’s website on Wednesday morning that the Inspiring Poet, Entrepreneur, Nobel Laureate and all around Inspiring Woman Maya Angelou had passed I loudly exclaimed “NO! Oh My God!” all of my co-workers thought I had lost my mind – but this woman has been a foundation and inspiration in my […]

I’d Say It’s Been a Very Busy Couple of Days!

My oh my oh my it has been busy here lately – my letters FINALLY went out this week and I am very happy about that – while anxious and nervous I am more excited than anything!  And, then yesterday I received a response to one via email from Book Hub, Inc.  the group I […]

Three Things…I am Most Passionate About.

There are three things in life I am that most passionate about and spend most of my time either reading about, doing, or thinking about…these three things are outside my family, obviously they are first, but these secondary ‘hobbies’ or rather ‘interests’ hold me together more than anything. The first of these is Music, I […]