Book Review: Effortless Savings: A Step-by-Step Guidebook to Saving Money Without Sacrifice, Richard Syrop

  Summary from “Effortless Savings is the ultimate guidebook to saving money without sacrifice. Perfect for readers of any income level or household size, it contains hundreds of ways to save money that are easy and manageable. Richard gives step-by-step instructions to help you:  • Shrink your cell phone bill without compromising your call […]

Friday Inspiration: Quotes on Single Parenting

As I am coming off of my month in the world of Single Parenthood I am reflecting back and trying to see what I have either learned and/or what came from this experience.  My husband will be home from Grooming School today and while he’s been out of town for the last month I’ve been […]

Change and What Our Dreams Can Tell Us…Part III

Ok so the last couple of nights we’ve talked about two very significant dreams I had over the weekend and how they’ve impacted me and what their possible meanings are, I have come to two firm conclusions on them thus far: 1.  The escaping of the arranged marriage doesn’t mean I am unhappy in my […]

Change and What Our Dreams Can Tell Us…Part II

This is a continuation of last night’s post: Change and What Our Dreams Can Tell Us found here Ok so after doing some digging tonight I have looked online to try and decipher the meanings of my two dreams and the pieces going into each of them, according to the website DreamMoods an arranged marriage […]

Inspiration for a Friday!

As of late it seems all I am posting here is book reviews, which honestly isn’t a bad thing, but the purpose behind this blog was to track my move from Professional Administrator to doing something in the Publishing world, and as it would seem that has gone to the wayside due to my very […]