I’d Say It’s Been a Very Busy Couple of Days!

My oh my oh my it has been busy here lately – my letters FINALLY went out this week and I am very happy about that – while anxious and nervous I am more excited than anything!  And, then yesterday I received a response to one via email from Book Hub, Inc.  the group I […]

With a Little Push and Priming the Engine Can Be Re-Started…

It’s a red letter day in my life – change is afoot and I am actually very calm about it – excitement is the underlying feeling right now – anxiousness for tomorrow to arrive and a tad bit of anxiety due to the unknown – I am a mixture of all of these things right […]

It’s a Day…May Day, May 1st…Time for an Update

Seems as of late my Financial Life Lessons blog has been busier than ever, conversations started, responses ensued and this wonderful space of mine in cyberspace got neglected, so for that I am feeling terribly guilty. Ok so where are we, well for starters I have my letters formatted and ready to go – I’ve […]