Friday Inspiration: Quotes from the One and Only Maya Angelou

When the headline came across WECT’s website on Wednesday morning that the Inspiring Poet, Entrepreneur, Nobel Laureate and all around Inspiring Woman Maya Angelou had passed I loudly exclaimed “NO! Oh My God!” all of my co-workers thought I had lost my mind – but this woman has been a foundation and inspiration in my […]

Friday Inspiration: Quotes for Memorial Day

As we approach this weekend, many see it as the weekend summer kicks off, pools open, and a time for Barbeque’s and Parties – yet many Americans forget what the true meaning of this weekend is – it’s a time to remember our fallen Heroes those Men and Women who have died for our freedom, […]

Friday Inspiration: Life Inspiring Quotes

The last few weeks my Friday Inspiration quotes have been somewhat narrow in scope, so today I want to broaden the horizons so to speak and just post some life inspiring quotes that I hope will help each of you in some manner move your life forward! So once again please to enjoy… “You’re BRAVER […]

Friday Inspiration from One of the World’s Greatest Leaders…

Nelson Mandela, 1918 – 2013 This Week’s inspirational quotes come from one of the world’s greatest leaders and man of peace who passed away just two days ago: “Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated and passionate about what they do” and “I learned that courage was not the […]