Friday Inspiration: Quotes About Education and School

Well its that time of year again – the time of year all parents jump for joy! It’s BACK to SCHOOL! This year was sort of bittersweet for my husband and I, our oldest started his journey into Middle School this year and it’s something neither of us was truly prepared for…he’s done good this […]

Friday Inspiration: Life Inspiring Quotes

The last few weeks my Friday Inspiration quotes have been somewhat narrow in scope, so today I want to broaden the horizons so to speak and just post some life inspiring quotes that I hope will help each of you in some manner move your life forward! So once again please to enjoy… “You’re BRAVER […]

Friday Inspiration – Life, Responsibility, and Challenges

We all live our lives We all have responsibilities And we all overcome challenges on a day to day basis It’s how we face those challenges that define us as a person It’s what builds our character It’s what teaches us about life It’s what develops our sense of responsibility Today’s Quotes speak on all […]