Thoughts, 04/03/18

It’s been ages since I have popped in to visit.

Yes I’ve put my book reviews and possibly moving into the publishing industry permanently on hold – just lost my groove if you will and ran out of free time.

It’s been a couple years since my last post and frankly I have a lot on my mind I need to get out.  This forum is mine to do with as I please, so here I go:

I’ve been working once again to lose weight – and in the last 27ish days since I decided to rejoin MyFitnessPal I have managed to drop all of (2) two pounds, which isn’t a lot but it’s something and I am ok with it.

However, my mind is running a hundred miles an hour as of late – and the thoughts all center on one thing: My Life!

I initially began writing this blog because I thought I’d found my path, boy was I wrong. We weren’t willing to move out of state, or uproot our kids from their lives to move to where the publishing jobs were (Chicago, NY City, and San Francisco) and yes I know one can sometimes do the work online, but the big publishing houses prefer to see some level of experience in the industry and I was told that if I wanted to do anything we’d have to move.

So here I sit, wondering once again where I should be headed in life.

So questions are asked, one: What am I go at?

  1. Administrative Work – this skill supports my family
  2. My creative outlets include Crochet and Writing this Blog
  3. My structural outlets include doing anything related to organizing things and that includes doing our monthly budget and watching those numbers

So then this leads one to ask: What am I passionate about?

  1. Animal welfare – including our domestic furry friends in my home, cats & dogs.  Though this doesn’t leave out rabbits, rats, guinea pigs and any other form of domestic animal.  It also includes those living on farms and in the wild.
  2. The rights and treatment of lower-level employees, especially in retail/food service.  If anyone has ever worked either one of these types of jobs you know the stigma associated with them.  It’s not pretty.  And it seems the corporations “forget” about those out there doing the day-to-day grind.  I could go on, but I won’t.
  3. Girl Scouting
  4. Crochet

So now that I have listed these – now I need to figure out what to do with them – perhaps this is why I keep getting held at arms length as a ‘temp’ no matter where I work…interesting concept, no?

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