Book Review: Everything and More, Jacqueline Briskin

Everything and More

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Two sisters—the beautiful and alluring Marilyn, and her smart and savvy sister, Roy—move to Beverly Hills with their mother after the death of their father, so that they can attend the posh public school Beverly Hills High. Though they live in relative poverty, Marilyn acts in all of the school plays at her mother’s insistence, and she is quickly noticed by Linc, the oldest son of the iconic movie producer Joshua Fernauld. Marilyn and Linc find themselves overtaken by a passionate romance that neither of them had expected, and they are devastated when Linc, who is in the air force, is called back to duty overseas. Marilyn’s acute loss continues to haunt her for years afterward when she and Linc suffer a tragedy worse than she had ever imagined.

Meanwhile, Roy graduates from high school and goes on to pursue her interest in fashion, becoming a successful businesswoman at an upscale boutique. Her closest friend from Beverly Hills High, Althea, is a wealthy and mysterious beauty, whose sharp remarks and unfailing composure hide dark and terrible secrets about her family life. Throughout their childhood, Althea is generous to Roy but deeply possessive of her. As the pair grows older, Althea’s antics worsen until the two find themselves embroiled in a love triangle with an artist named Gerry Horak, which threatens to tear them apart once and for all.

An epic tale that spans continents and nearly half a century, Everything and More is a suspenseful tour de force by a master at family drama. Readers will be hooked from the first page and surprised throughout by the passion, trickery, and emotion culminating in a shocking twist that no one ever saw coming.


Epic Hollywood drama’s and romances have been a thing of the ages, they cling to our pop culture like pollen to a bee, they just will not let go.  Sometimes, though as readers of gossips rags we dream of what’s actually happening, but always asking the question of what is the truth?  How do we know what’s the truth and what is being made up by the so called reporters.  In Everything and More the author takes us through that roller coaster of one family, she gives us that inside scoop of how a star is born and the drama that surrounds her life as she grows into her career and the ups and downs of her life.  Sometimes though its the downs that will fuel her career.

Meanwhile, her sister Roy feels like she’s on the back burner of her mother’s affections because she’s not center-stage, she’s not the “belle” of Hollywood.  But she has her own drama’s playing with her friend Althea, something that causes tension between the girls resulting in a lifelong of an on again – off again friendship.

The underlying story of these women and the lives they lead will intrigue the reader, always asking what’s going to happen next and the author does a good job of developing the story, leaving enough unanswered questions to keep the story moving.  All the while she’s successfully able to delve further into the characters, their motives and their underlying personalities.  An intriguing mix that results in an amazing series of books all surrounding the same family.

Five out of Five Stars for Everything and More.

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