Book Review: Clonmac’s Bridge, Jeffrey Perren

Clonmac's Bridge

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A maritime archaeologist raises a medieval monastery span from the mud of the River Shannon, sunken for 1,200 years… and finds it perfectly preserved.

What could account for this astounding longevity? Why are his colleagues and the Church so desperate to prevent him learning the secret? And why is his consummate lover his greatest enemy?

Griffin Clonmac will go through hell to find out.

He won’t go alone. Inspired by a real discovery, Clonmac’s Bridge shifts between contemporary times and 9th century Ireland. It tells the story of two men who struggle against envy and mediocrity — a millennium apart — aided only by a loyal helpmate and an unconquerable will.


Archeology has always been a love of mine – there’s something inherently interesting to me to learn the hows, whys and whats of the past – though I never did go into the field as a career, I have always managed to find ways to dip my toes into it via reading, watching documentaries, or visiting museums.  I never really took the time to delve into the past as much as Griffin Clonmac.  An Archeologist and college professor known for his TV appearances and discoveries takes his love of the past to a whole new level – battling unseen political and personal forces to dig up and raise the Bridge and the Clonmacnoise Monestary.  There’s a mystery even bigger than he is lurking in the waters of the River Shannon…at every turn he takes one step forward and seemingly hundreds backwards.

This book is one of back and forth – push and pull – and constant battling between the main characters.  There’s someone in the book, a Modern – Day Priest who will stop at nothing to keep the bridge from being raised – his whys behind the desire to stop it do not come to be known until late in the book – and while they seem petty and drawn out, they do make sense.

I am going to give this book a 3 out of 5 Stars – the constant back and forth and stop and go that Griffin deals with almost seems forced at an attempt to make the book seem like there’s more to it than there actually is.

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About the Author

Jeffrey Perren

Jeffrey Perren wrote his first short story at age 12 and went on to win the Bank of America Fine Arts award at 17. Since then he has published at award-winning sites and magazines from the U.S. to New Zealand.

Educated in philosophy and physics at UCLA and UC Irvine, he lives in Sandpoint, Idaho.

He is also the author of “Cossacks In Paris,” an historical war novel set in the Napoleonic era, as well as the romantic travel mystery “Death Is Overrated.”

Connect with Jeffrey

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