Girlder 2015 Holiday Newsletter

Christmas Tree

WOW Another year gone…how quickly the year passes the older we get, no? Seems the years just fly by and end up weaving one right into the other without so much as a note.  As a child we wait anxiously for our Birthdays and Christmas, but as an adult we wish the days and weeks would just slow down some so we can relish in those hours and minutes.  Just taking time to absorb everything we’re experiencing in that moment.

Let’s see, this year brought with it another Camporee with the Girl Scout Troop, a Visit to Maryland to meet and Greet the newest addition to our family, my sister’s adorable baby boy Lucas, and a nice visit from Mom & Dad during one awesome weekend!

GS Troop at Camporee

So let’s see Camporee this year was held in April this year – the theme was Disney and our troop decided on the movie Sleeping Beauty! It was a wonderous weekend full of crafts, activities, a scavenger hunt, and yummy Smore’s!  The girls had a chance to dress up as a Disney Character prior to the Scavenger hunt! They loved it!

Then after Camporee, the following weekend, we went to Maryland to meet Mr. Lucas!

Visit with Baby Lucas

He was just two weeks old here, and now we’re getting ready to head north again to spend Christmas with the family, his 1st! We are excited about that and celebrating Ashley’s birthday while there.  However, before heading back to NC, we spent some time on the farm with my brother and his Girlfriend, Dana, visiting with her horses!

Ashes with Mika & Maddick

Meet Mika & Maddick

Mandy & Mason

And Mandy & Mason *the Clydes*

The kids always love seeing the M&M’s as they are called!

After our trip to Maryland, Mom & Dad did make a trip down to visit with us over the summer, we spent an afternoon touring Screen Gems studios, which was exciting in itself!  We spent time touring the sets of Under the Dome and seeing some left over props from Journey 3! Was a very coold afternoon!

The Fam at Screen Gems

Then last but not certainly least over the summer our Girl Scout troop took a weekend camping trip in Tabor City to Scooby’s! The girls spent a full day swimming in the pool, playing at the water park, and having a great time! Was an all too short weekend, but it was super fun!

Ashley on Water Slide

So that wraps up the events of our year!

Updates time!

Jimm left his job in June after an injury in the salon in April.  He’s ok now, but still looking for work.  He’s happy though in the meantime being a Stay-At-Home Dad! The house and kids are well looked after, so I can’t fuss…though I am sure he’d prefer to be working – I believe right now we need him at home more…in time though that may change.

Lara left her position in October with her company – she wasn’t unemployed long though – a staffing agency got her in with a State Government agency temporarily and then within a few days of leaving that position she obtained a new job working for another company similar to her last as a field administrator working on site for their contractor.  In July after Jimm left his job she also opened her Etsy Shop, YarntoAfghanCreations, in an effort to drive income into the household.  Thus far sales have been slow but steady!

Austin wrapped up 6th Grade as steadily as they come, we hit some speed bumps along the way but he was no worst for the wear.  And has kicked off 7th Grade with a BAM!  He’s blossoming in Band and just loving playing the trumpet, he’s got a real knack for it and it just a natural musician.

Ashley wrapped up 4th grade with honors and spent a week at Girl Scout camp before starting 5th Grade at the end of June when her elementary school went to a year-round schedule.  She’s doing wonderfully and is gearing up for her next intercession!

Otherwise, all is doing wonderfully in the Girdler household, we’ve hit a few snares along the way, but nothing we can’t handle!

Hope Everyone has an Amazing Holiday Season, a Safe and Prosperous New Year and we’ll See Everyone later!


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