Book Review: The Broken, Shelley Coriell

The Broken

Book Description from NetGalley

He took her life, but left her alive.

Three years ago, reporter Kate Johnson was the first victim-and only survivor-of the Broadcast Butcher. Scarred both physically and psychologically by the brutal serial killer, Kate lives life on the run, knowing that one day, he will find her and finish what he started.

In the pursuit of justice, you sometimes have to step outside the law.

Agent Hayden Reed spends his life chasing monsters. The only way to stay sane is to detach, but the second the Broadcast Butcher case crosses his desk, Hayden knows this is the case that might just cost him his soul. To catch this vicious murderer before he strikes again, Hayden must find Kate and earn her trust. For it’s her darkest secrets that hold the key to stopping this madman once and for all . . .


When one picks up a murder mystery they expect to find a detective trying to find someone who is committing heinously gruesome acts upon other members of society – leaving every one they come across dead in their wake – this time that is not the case – this time the murderer left one victim still alive, Kate Johnson.  This time, that last victim will play party to getting them caught and behind bars.

I honestly am speechless with this one, normally I have a lot to stay regarding a book I’ve been given to read and review and this time I was just plum disturbed…I was reading this book during a trying time in society when a reporter and a cameraman were killed right on camera – ironic that the main focus of the killer in this novel is television reporters…irony placed at a bad time.  I found when the author went into his mind and his world I was itching to turn around and run – the ability to write at that level of disturbance is just fascinating, makes the reader wonder how in the world they come up with the material..this time I honestly don’t want to know.

I found the pace of the book to be a bit slow, Kate’s mental breakdowns, running and trying to catch and or get away from her killer was just stereotypical – found it boring.

I think for The Broken, I might have to go for 3 our of 5 stars.  Definitely not something I am going to recommend.

**I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley**

About the Author:

Shelley Coriell

Shelley Coriell is an award-winning author of romantic suspense and novels for teens. Her debut romantic thriller, The Broken, was named one of the Best Romances of Summer 2014 by Publishers Weekly and a Top Pick/4.5 Stars by Romantic Times Book Reviews. An avid foodie and former restaurant reviewer, Shelley lives in Arizona with her family and the world’s neediest rescue weimaraner.

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