Book Review: Dunaway’s Crossing, Nancy Brandon

Dunaways Crossing

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Bea Dot Ferguson has a life many in Savannah envy: a wealthy husband, a luxurious house, a baby on the way. But appearances are deceiving. To hide a terrible secret, Bea Dot married a man she didn’t love—only to suffer his brutality later on. When her cousin Netta invites her for a visit in rural Pineview, Georgia, Bea Dot jumps at the chance to escape. But she soon learns she’s traded one perilous situation for another—Pineview has been infected with deadly Spanish influenza. As the epidemic escalates, Bea Dot and Netta must fight for survival. With the help of Will Dunaway, a recently returned Great War veteran, Bea Dot draws upon strength she never knew she had. As she and Will desperately try to avoid contagion, their mutual attraction grows, making them both the target of her husband’s wrath.

A sweeping Southern tale of hope and betrayal, love and loss,Dunaway’s Crossing is a moving testament to the strength of the human spirit.


I am first going to put this out there that I love Historic Fiction – prior to beginning to read for review purposes I’d never really read one, and lately have found myself seeking them out – and for good reason – within Historic Fiction we obtain a glimpse of what the past was like, what it was like to live during a different era and just taste a world like ours but different in so many ways! The wants and desires of the characters within the books are the same to our today – they just have to go about getting those things in a different manner – men and women interacted differently, courted differently and even brought children into the world differently.  And those are inherent to the world around them at the time.

For Bea Dot her life of glamour and riches is all a facade she wishes for a simpler life with the company of those who love her – sadly the only real comfort she knows within the walls of her home is in the arms of her maid, California, so when her life takes an awful turn at the hands of her vicious husband she decides to take her cousin up on a “temporary” visit in her home several counties away.  For a time her life is at ease, she is at peace despite the Flu raging through the town they are living in – she finds comfort in the simple life of working the general store owned by Will Dunaway, tending house and taking care of her cousin during her pregnancy.  That is until the dark cloud that is her husband finds a way to wriggle into her simple life.

This book captured my interest from the start – the characters and world they live in is written so beautifully by the author.  She draws you in to the point you feel like you are watching the story like a fly on the wall vs, a reader seeing it all through the pages of her book.  I cheered for Bea Dot, prayed for her cousin and hoped that everything would work out in the end.  I only wish the story could continue forever, but like all good things they come to an end.

Five out of Five Stars for Dunaway’s Crossing!

About the Author, Nancy Brandon


My first “publication” was a handwritten book titled Laurie Rides a Horse, which I wrote (and illustrated) in my grandmother’s living room in Atlanta, Georgia. A writer herself, Grandmother was a strong influence. She wrote a series of children’s stories about Aloysius Wolf for Highlights magazine. Her stories ran for almost fifty years, and I grew up reading them. So when I wrote my story on typing paper, illustrated with magic marker and bound by staples, Grandmother thought it was worthy of a Pulitzer prize.

Grandmother was not my only writing influence, however. My mother also made her name in writing, working as a reporter, editor, and regular columnist, first for theHawkinsville Dispatch and News and later for the Macon Telegraph. Skippy Lawson (later Skippy Davis), captivated readers with her weekly columns, which usually revolved around the joys and challenges of raising me and my two siblings.

So it seemed only fitting that when I went to college I chose a major that would enable me to teach others to write. I earned a bachelor of science degree in English education at the University of Georgia in 1988. After teaching one year of high school language arts, I entered graduate school at Georgia Southern, earning my master’s degree in English. Upon completing that degree, I began teaching college English, and I have done so for the past twenty years. During that time, I also earned my Ph.D. in English education.

My writing pursuits have been varied. I’ve published short stories in statewide literary journals and written articles for local newspapers and magazines. I’ve also edited works for other local authors and publishers. For the past six years, I wrote my department’s custom freshman composition textbook, which was just released in its fourth edition.

However, I most enjoy writing fiction. Dunaway’s Crossing, which came out in March of 2012, was a labor of love. It took me three years and three re-writes, but the work was worth it. Currently, I’m working on another novel, Show Me a Kindness, set in Vidalia, Georgia. Look for it in 2015.

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