Broken Blood by Heather Hildenbrand

Broken Blood Review!

Crazy In Louisiana

Broken BloodSo I have to apologize for the lateness of my review!  Crazy happenings in my personal life, moving, work, kids…ARGH!!  I’m so BEHIND on my reading so I am going to give y’all several reviews today!  First off, the last installment of the Dirty Blood series, book 5.  Broken Blood begins where Blood Rule left off.  Wes is wanted to for the murder of Cord’s Hunter friend and Tara has been kidnapped by Stepp’s crazy hybrids and tortured so Stepp can use her for his own devious plans.  Will she see her wolf pack again?  What has Alex’s role been in all of this and can she trust him?  And what will her ultimate choice be?  Leading the Cause with Wes?  Or a choice that will result in her death or the death of those she holds dear?

I really did enjoy this series and felt this book was a great…

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