Life and Blogging

Good Morning All!

I am just putting this here for a little bit – it’s Spring Outage season here at work which means I am up to my knees in work-work…

And I’ve taken on a 2nd Part-Time position working for the Lovely Heather Hildenbrand as her Assistant – so if I’m not working for my day-job I’m working for her in the evenings and on weekends! It’s a wonderful position helping her with Blog Tours, Generating her Newsletter, and anything and everything she needs me to do! I said I wanted to work in Publishing – well this is one way I am doing that and I am having a blast doing it!

And, of course I am still being Mom, Wife, and just Me! Taking more time and energy to dedicate to my overall health & fitness – working toward a stronger, leaner, meaner version of myself!

So I apologize if I seem to have disappeared and haven’t been posting book reviews as regular as I used to – the above has kept me from that…I love every single second of how life is right now – my secondary passion just has been put on the back burner for now – when work slows down some @ my Day Job then perhaps I can resume reviewing books!

I do have some coming though – there are a couple I have prioritized! So look out for those coming soon!

2 thoughts on “Life and Blogging

    • Hey Lady – Been around reblogging posts mostly from Heather’s stuff and learning Social Media Marketing, but it has helped even if just a little – hours are inconsistent, but they flow with Heather’s schedule and allow me the flexibility I need; that and sneak peeks at stuff she’s working on, that is the best 😉 Hubby’s job is going good, has had it’s ups and downs and yeah finances are as they always have been…

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