Am I Really Seeing That?? Are my Books Really Destroyed?!?!




I have no words other than sheer heartbreak right now – some time ago my hubby cleaned off the top of our kitchen armoire and put our books into trash bags and put said bags outside – why?  Roaches!  And they needed relocation, but mostly Roaches!

We brought them back in before I thought they were destroyed – they were out there for about a month, and in that month it didn’t rain much – yet it’s been 6+ months since they were brought back inside.

Well tonight I went through the bags finally and discovered two of the bags were full of wet books covered in black mold! None are salvageable! NONE!

As a Reader and a Bibliophile who doesn’t get attached to too many things – this is beyond heartbreaking to me…literally heartbreaking to me…so much so I can’t even talk about it other than to post this…

I am thankful I still have a handful of books in relatively good condition – BUT these were some of my most treasured…

My Black Dagger Brotherhood Books

Some of my Favorite Nora Roberts Books

Two of the Inkheart by Cornelia Funke Series

Two of our Inheritance Series books by Christopher Paolini

The beginnings of my Collection of the Chronicle’s of Narnia Books by C.S. Lewis

The Goddess Rising Series by P.C. Cast

And some other Random Favorites…

No Words…


7 thoughts on “Am I Really Seeing That?? Are my Books Really Destroyed?!?!

  1. A lot of people forget about the black mold spores that can become airborne when cleaning up water damage
    . Thanks for posting

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