Book Review: No Accident, Dan Webb

No Accident Dan Webb Cover


No Accident, Dan Webb

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“A fiery crash consumes three cars and the lives of those inside. The police blame reckless driving, but insurance investigator Alex Fogarty suspects a celebrated CEO staged the accident and murdered his own employees for insurance money. 

Unfortunately, Alex’s boss cares more about a quick legal settlement than following the facts, and Alex can’t afford to lose his job–not while he’s underwater on five houses he bought before the real estate crash. But unless Alex can prove the crash was no accident, the young family of one of the drivers who died in the crash will face financial ruin. 

Against his better judgment, Alex plots a way to challenge the CEO, but he knows he can’t do it alone. Especially when the body count starts rising.

With help from the CEO’s jilted wife and her star-crossed divorce lawyer, Alex pursues the case from L.A.’s seamy underside to the mansions of Bel Air. If he can keep ahead of the CEO’s chilling enforcer, Alex may just discover the dark truth.”

Intriguing from the moment the book is opened.  An accident that “claims” the lives of six individuals – five of whom are employees of well-known Oil Company based in Southern California, all occurring on the tails of an imminent divorce of the CEO and his estranged wife.  Was it murder by intent from the CEO, was it his estranged wife? Or was it just what it was an accident?  As a driver we are all warned about those swoop & swap schemes where someone cuts you off and slams on the breaks causing a “fender bender” and then claiming injury in order to get a pay-day.  That pay day comes from either the insurance company or someone outside of the direct situation or some combination of both.  As an insurance claims adjuster Alex Fogarty is all too familiar with those kinds of Ponzi schemes and those who are most frequently involved in them within his community.  So when this “accident” hits his desk he almost immediately smells a scheme of some form.

By following the bread-crumb trail of clues laid out before him by the CEO’s Ex-Wife Alex thinks he’s hot on the trail of the person responsible for the accident, the one who set it up…however, he finds himself learning more than he would ever hope to know about everyone involved.  Its only after he gets a job within the company he feels is responsible does the truth begin to emerge; was it the CEO who while charming is also a bit of a rich-boy gone power hungry? Or is it the CEO’s enforcer who set up the whole “accident” The ending and finding out who actually set-up the scheme will almost literally blow the readers’ mind!

No Accident is a gripping tale of mystery, possible murder, and puts the reader into Alex’s shoes, constantly guessing who did what and how the scheme played out.  We are always left wondering what will happen next. Who is going to go next? Where is the story going to go next in terms of the characters?  I honestly love a good mystery novel and have not had the pleasure of reading one this good for quite some time, and it is one I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys a great murder mystery!

Five out of Five Stars for No Accident

**I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**

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