Friday Inspiration: SUCCESS

Normally on a Friday I would share quotes about a certain topic, however, this week I’ve had one quote lingering in my mind all week:

“Success is the Progressive Realization of a Worthy Ideal”

 – Earl Nightingale

I wrote about this in my journal a few days ago and wanted to share it with each of you:

What is success? To each person that definition varies, sometimes it is the achievement of a financial goal – sometimes it is as small as fixing a dripping faucet – success has many variations and each one is as unique as the person seeking such.  Right now in my own life success is defined as the completion of a tough workout or pushing myself to that next level – right now that is my path – right now that is the success I am meant to have – a year from now who knows that success could be expanded to a whole new level or it could just change all together to be something entirely different – only fate truly knows my path.

So what is Success?

S – Setting Forth the Goal

U – Understanding the Process

C – Conscripting the Steps

C – Committing to the Process

E – Engaging Those Around You

S – Self Dedication to the Overall Larger Picture

S – Seeing the End Goal Achieved

So what is your definition of success? What small successes have you had recently?

Celebrate the small steps leading toward the larger goals.

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