Book Review: Where Fault Lies: A Survivor’s Story of Game, Shame & Blame, Carrie May Lucas

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Where Fault Lies: A Survivor’s Story of Game, Shame & Blame, Carrie May Lucas

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“When divorced single-mom Carrie Lucas moved to Seattle she knew it was time to start living life on her own terms, and stop playing by the rules of everyone else. While exploring her new city she falls for Sayid, a charismatic lawyer who has life figured out. But one traumatic night, Carrie discovers evil doesn’t come in the package she expected. Afterwards, she struggles to make sense of what’s real and understand ultimately who is at fault for the tragedy that unraveled her life.

In a gripping and powerful narrative, Carrie tells the true story of how falling for the wrong person can cause so much more than heartbreak. Where Fault Lies is a chilling exploration of memory through trauma, trust in humanity, and a captivating story of strength and survival that appeals to the hearts of fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, and men and women alike.”

They say you find out who you were friends really are when crisis, trauma, or some other outside stressor finds its way into your life and completely alters it, literally turning things on their head alters.  It’s a well-known fact that not everyone responds to trauma in the same way, some use it to find ways of changing the very face of the trauma and their lives, and others sink into themselves.  The worst trauma I personally have had to face was either having my car repossessed just moments before I was scheduled to leave for work, or having another car stolen right from outside my home; both of these events changed the way I handle my car loan payments and security of my vehicle.  Not once have I had a personal invasion of my person like Carrie did, never once have I been violated in such a personal manner as rape.  So I have no basis of understanding to truly know what it was like to walk in her shoes in her phase of life called “After Rape,” however Carries does an amazing job of putting the reader in her shoes so they can fully understand what happened to her, how it affected not only her home and work life, but the way she views men and relationships.

For those who have walked this path of personal violation, it’s a trauma not only to the physical body, but also to your mental outlook, your psyche and how you approach just about everything in your life.  Sayid was the perfect-prime example of a man who is also an abuser; he was charming, saying all the right things, doing all the right things right from the start.  He wormed his way into Carrie’s good graces and challenged her views of relationships – yet from her descriptions we could tell from the off there was something “off” about him – personally, he annoyed me to no end, there wasn’t anything overly charming about him to me – yet Carrie could not see what the reader sees, being in the thick of things she was somewhat oblivious.  Then that fateful night happens and her world is turned upside down and the one who should have supported her did not, the one who should have held her hand and helped her did not.  Instead he dropped her like a bad habit and made himself out to be the victim.

This gripping novel takes the reader on a barrage of emotions, we ride the roller coaster with Carries, absolute highs of falling in love with Sayid to the lows of their break-up and the anger we feel when he attempts to turn the tables on her and make himself the victim.  I was angry with him, I wanted to reach through my Kindle and throttle him.  This book is not one to take lightly and it will make us all question both our safety, our views of rape culture, and the very way we approach our relationships.

Five out of Five Stars for Where Fault Lies definitely one I will recommend.

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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“Carrie May Lucas is an American author living in Seattle, Washington with her daughter. As a member of the RAINN Speakers Bureau, she works to educate and inform the public on sexual violence. Through her writing she inspires other survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse, and helps give a voice to their struggles. In her spare time, Carrie May Lucas likes to dance, run, and do yoga, and is currently getting a Master’s degree in Education.”

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