Change and What Our Dreams Can Tell Us…Part III

Ok so the last couple of nights we’ve talked about two very significant dreams I had over the weekend and how they’ve impacted me and what their possible meanings are, I have come to two firm conclusions on them thus far:

1.  The escaping of the arranged marriage doesn’t mean I am unhappy in my current marriage and family situation – just that I am currently unhappy in my life outside of my home.

2.  The moving overseas to London doesn’t literally mean a move to Merry Old England, it just means that there’s a move I have to make and I am quite intimidated by the idea of the move moreso than the actual move itself.

You can read more on these dreams and subsequent interpretations within these two posts

Change and What Our Dreams Can Tell Us


Change and What Our Dreams Can Tell Us Part II

Tonight I am going to post my thoughts on the second dream – let me know what you guys think? The more open discussion we have the better I am able to understand them…and maybe help to make some decisions on where my professional life is headed:

Alright so here we are onto dream number two, the elephant dream, where white coated elephants seemed to replace our two dogs, both elephants of the same size as opposed to one larger and one smaller as is the size of our dogs; Nixon is a 10-year old 82lb Rottweiler Mix and Sadie is a 10-month old 33lb Pitbull Mix puppy, Nixon is a gentle giant who, unless bothered or felt intimidated enough, wouldn’t hurt a fly and Sadie being a puppy is still extremely unpredictable.  How then did two baby elephants of the same size come to switch places in my dream with my dogs? And how did they end up in my home? Doing some digging online I found that elephants in dreams can represent several things:

  1. Again from the website Go To Horoscope “When you dream of an elephant, you are probably trying to reclaim a lost memory” and
  2. “When you dream of a baby elephant, the same idea applies with a bit of different circumstances tossed on top of that. For example if you see a baby elephant in your dreams it can be a symbol of your desire to recall some childhood memories. For the most part we don’t try too hard to remember what happened when we were children and because we have a lack of practice at doing this sometimes people find it hard to actually recall what their childhood was like or to recall certain events that occurred earlier in their lives.”
  3. And lastly, “Another reason that you might find yourself dreaming of a baby elephant is that it can apply to short term memory. Because a baby elephant is both short and small when you dream of one it can have something to do with your short term memory since this is the way that your mind associates certain things like this. Do you need to recall something that just happened in the past few days? The past few hours before you fell to sleep? Maybe you don’t even know that you needed to recall anything, but your mind is trying to remind you that you have some kind of responsibility to take care of that you are not handling as you should. This would be a good opportunity for you, when you wake up, to go over the events that happened to you in the past few days and think about why you might be trying so hard to recall the events of the past few days, or what you would possibly need to remember. This is a warning that you are going to forget something important if you don’t try to recall it.”

Ok so maybe there’s something here, maybe I am trying to grasp either an older concept, an older memory, or something triggered a memory I am trying to recall in full detail.  When we last visited Maryland I did visit with a friend I have not seen in 23-years and in the duration of our conversation we discussed many things we did as kids and many problems we caused and basically reminisced about our old days – so maybe I am trying to recall those memories as they apply to today.  Or am I looking for recall on events happening concurrently in my life?  Is there something that has happened within the last couple of years I’ve repressed that I want to remember subconsciously? I just don’t know.  On the flipside I know from my readings in past that when one thinks about or visualizes white they are looking to either flush out negativity and or create a pure environment – so maybe the white powder on the baby elephants means I am trying to flush out the negative thoughts that went with the memories or information I was trying to recall, or that I was attempting to subconsciously create a pure environment to recall said information.

I just don’t know.  The second part of the dream happened so quickly I am not sure it is relevant, however, the pulling of a house from a pipe in the ground by the utility authority is an odd revelation.  Maybe it means that I feel grounded and connected to my home, yet also desire something different in terms of my environment – my home is my place of comfort, as we all go home when we need to hide, to be emotional and/or to feel safe – yet at present my home requires many repairs and upgrades for it to be fully functional and more comfortable to us – an exterminator might help as well – but hey a gal can hope.  So, maybe my mind is telling me its time to make some adjustments and see about fixing the home we have.  I have many many plans for making our home better outside of just paint and cosmetic changes and maybe my dream world is telling me this – because the neighborhood itself didn’t change, nor did our original structure change, just this new building cropping up from seemingly nothing in the backyard…

Thoughts?  Do you agree or Disagree with these interpretations?


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