Change and What Our Dreams Can Tell Us…Part II

This is a continuation of last night’s post: Change and What Our Dreams Can Tell Us found here

Ok so after doing some digging tonight I have looked online to try and decipher the meanings of my two dreams and the pieces going into each of them, according to the website DreamMoods an arranged marriage can me “To dream that you are in an arranged marriage suggests that you are feeling forced to do something you do not want to do. You are reluctantly moving into a new stage in your life. You feel that you have no voice or no choice in a situation. Consider how a waking situation may be making you feel voiceless.”  Seems like the forced/sold into bondage scenario might mean that I am feeling pressured or forced to do something in my life that I do not want to do – could it be a pre-emptive premonition of a job change I am reluctant to accept or see, or that maybe the changes I have talked about here in my own life are not ones I am actively willing to pursue and therefore feel like I am unable to accept the changes I have set out to enact in my own life.  I will admit that the thought of packing up the homestead and moving either several hundred to several thousand miles away from our families and comfort zone scares the ever living you know what out of me, but I know that if we are to truly understand the path I am meant to take pursuing this career path is the only means to finding that answer.

I am currently in a situation where I feel “stuck” if you will, and the website Your Dream Interpretation highlights this feeling within my dream by saying

“Most dream experts will tell you that dreaming of an arranged marriage represents that you’re feeling a lack of choice, a feeling of being forced into something against your will. But that isn’t necessarily true, especially if you come from a culture where arranged marriage is celebrated. If that’s the case, the arranged marriage dream will have exactly the opposite meaning for you– it could signify your hopes and dreams and an exciting new turn in your life.

Whether the arranged marriage dream means repression– that you feel you’re not being given the freedom to make your own decisions and choices– or excitement– you’re about to embark on a new and crazy adventure– depends uniquely on the feelings and opinions you hold regarding an arranged marriage.”

I sincerely agree with this – I feel like right now I am stuck in that proverbial rock and a hard place type situation – while I am not 100% happy in my current job, I am not 100% unhappy either – the work is basic, it simple, and the money for the most part pays some of the bills…yet according to the above I feel subconsciously at least like I cannot move forward and that I am not actively willing to pursue my wanted career path – so which is it?  Which leads us to the other half of that part of the dream, the escaping – this could simply mean that I want to be rid of the bonds of my current professional life and move forward and my escape, while dramatic within the dream, tells me that I want to be out of my current situation and move into a new one…odd as it may seem, it can also be somewhat obvious to anyone who has followed my finance blog.  However, does it also mean that my life is gearing up for some sort of change? This I do not know – all I know is that at some point this change will have to be enacted.  And thus maybe the reason for the move to London – yet remember, I did not see the move, nor do I remember packing up and actually traveling – so the path towards my new life has not been paved quite yet.

According to the website, Go To Horoscope “If you are dreaming about going abroad, then this usually means that you ache for a change in lifestyle. This might be a perceivable goal, something that you can actually accomplish, but are having a hard time getting started on” Ok so yes maybe because the path was not shown it means that I am longing for this change all the while clinging to my current situation because it is comfortable at the moment?  At present the very idea of moving more than one county over scares me, and I worry about paying for the move and what if I do not like the job I moved for and we are stuck in this place we are unfamiliar with? What if I am unsuccessful and I’ve moved my family this far only to find it’s unsuitable…? I could go on and on with the what ifs and I believe that seeing the move means that my subconscious is telling me that it’s time to overcome these fears and move on… Honestly, this was not the first time I have dreamt of living abroad, it’s been a recurring dream I’ve had over and over in the past several years…curious isn’t it?

Thoughts? We’ll dissect the Elephants dream tomorrow – I think we have enough material for tonight…and it’s late and I have to work tomorrow, escorting my companies CFO around campus tomorrow for some audits, fun right? NOT!

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