Friday Inspiration…Rather Friday Funnies About Retail…

Today I am changing things up a bit – going to step away from Inspirational Quotes…going to instead post some Friday Funnies about Retail life.  My hubby, whom I absolutely ADORE works very hard for a major pet retailer – he’s been with them now almost four years – but he has also worked in retail in some capacity for the better part of the last seventeen or so years since we graduated high school.  On top of that my Dad worked in grocery stores for the better part of my life growing up…so the retail industry is close to me and I absolutely HATE hearing about people being rude to retail workers – personally I go out of my way to be nice to retail workers because I know the stress of the work environment and the stress their wacky schedules put on their families.  Today I am going to induce some sarcasm and hilarity into my Friday post, Enjoy!

I Know there's a Hell...

Most Wonderful Time of the Year


Oh your a Customer


Your Open Today


Hope each of you has Enjoyed This! Please be nicer to those you encounter in retail!

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