Friday Inspiration – Quotes from Sports Movies – Using Athletics as A Launching Pad

TGIF One and All!

I hope everyone has had a productive and inspiring week! I know I sure have – with everything from the accident finally quieting down some and becoming less hectic and stressful I was finally able to focus some energy on work, my weight loss program, and just being! YAHOO!!!

This week I have chosen to spotlight some of my favorite speeches from Sports Movies – now I will say this, I am NOT a huge Sports Fan, I keep a small tab on how the Washington Redskins are doing as they are my home team and I was born and bred to be a Skins Fan to the Core – however that’s about the extent of my Sports Interest….HOWEVER, I do love a Good Sports Movie (I know go figure LOL!!)

So please to enjoy the below and I hope these coaches and athletes can inspire you to work hard and be all that you know you are capable of being!

The First Speech Comes from one of my ALL TIME Favorite Movies, Miracle about the US Hockey Team’s Defeat over Russia in the Olympics

Miracle DVD Box

The second comes from a movie that garnered a lot of attention when it was released, The Blind Side – this movie I absolutely love, the push and strength that the Tuohy’s give to Michael is surmounted! And I just LOVE IT!


The third item comes from something somewhat unconventional to my liking – I generally avoid movies with overt Christian themes in them, but Facing the Giants has a great message and it’s a movie I enjoyed – this clip shows how we can overcome our own limits when we cover up our pre-conceived notions and go forward:

Facing the Giants

Next is the second movie in a fun little movie series done by Disney, D2: The Mighty Ducks in similar fashion to the above movie Miracle the Ducks are facing their biggest opponent Iceland for the Championships and during intermission Coach Bombay has a few words to say about the Ducks’ antics on the ice – and it’s those words that push them to win in the 3rd Period

D2 The Mighty Ducks

And last but certainly not least a movie I can literally watch a 1,000 times over – quote nearly every line and tell you the intricate details of, Rudy there is just something special about this underdog story of determination and overcoming all odds when everyone tells you it can’t be done…well Rudy told them “Well yes it can, just WATCH” – in this scene Rudy is at his all-time low when it’s days before his final game as a senior and he’s not put on the dress list, he wants to walk away…however Fortune has other ideas about that



I sincerely hope you  have enjoyed each of these and that they launch you onto pursuing your dreams despite any set-backs you may encounter along the way!

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