Book Review: Nightmares and Other Therapy, D.W. Carver

Nightmares and Other Therapy

Nightmares and Other Therapy, D.W. Carver

Summary from

“Hospitals are supposed to help. Michael found that wasn’t always true.

Book 1 of the Smithson’s series.

Michael couldn’t understand the nightmares that made him violent on waking, mostly because he didn’t have the courage to think his problem through. Eventually, pressured into entering a mental hospital by his employers he thought that here he would find answers and a way to a better life. He was never more wrong.”

When I think of a mental hospital images of patients in bathrobes sitting in rooms with bars on the windows, little personality, and nurses who care less about their jobs and the very patients they tend to.  Of course this could be just the imagery we’ve been presented in the movies, and through the descriptions in books, like this one.  Then again having never stepped into a mental hospital I cannot say for sure whether those movies have it right.  One thing is for sure they are the content of many a horror movie, paranormal haunting, and scary houses at Halloween.  This time the horror that we read about it reality, the very hospital that is supposed to help Michael only heightens his desire to be normal!  However, for Michael trying to be normal might just come at a price, the very freedom he wants.

There’s something dark and sinister happening here, and no it is not out in the open – instead it’s inside of Michael’s head, could it possibly be the character of Lather he created to “talk” to himself in his head, a seemingly innocent child who is the personification of the evil that lives inside his head. Michael so dreams of being “normal” – a young man who can live his life with the pretty girl across the street, Laura, who he has known since they both were children, but without the nightmares and violence that seems to follow them.

My thoughts on this particular book are mixed, I enjoyed reading the story, especially Michael’s interactions with the characters around him, I could feel for him, could feel his burning desire to be free of the hospital and the torment he experiences inside of its walls.  I was haunted by the very descriptions of what he endured while in the hospital, the sodomy and baseline torture that was evident.  All the while I was rooting for Michael to achieve his ultimate goal, get away from the hospital and those within its walls, start his life with Laura and be free.  I recommend this book highly to anyone who enjoys a good story about the “real life” struggles of real people as this is neither a romance, a thriller, or any of the known genre’s, instead it’s all encompassing.

5 out of 5 Stars for Nightmares and Other Therapy

**I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review**

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Visit the Author’s Website Here: D.W. Carver


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