Book Review: Friends with Benefits Sucks (At Least for Women), by Lynn Gilliard

Friends with Benefits Sucks

Friends with Benefits Sucks (At Least for Woman), Lynn Gilliard

Summary from

“Your childhood dreams of finding a wonderful guy just for you and getting married haven’t quite come true yet. With each rejection or disappointment from men your self-esteem takes a major blow. You start to doubt your attractiveness and worth as a woman.

So when a guy that you like tells you that he just wants a friends with benefits relationship, you go ahead and accept that “title.”

But you deserve better than being treated like an occasional booty call, and you know it deep down.

Friends With Benefits Doesn’t Work for Most Women
Friends with benefits seems simple enough as an idea, but in reality it’s hard on women.”

A one night stand is one thing, a full-fledged relationship where you, as the woman, are nothing more than a “booty call” is something entirely separate.  In the past five years there have been two movies made with this premise and I assume, as I have not seen either one, both relationships go one of two ways; one, the couple falls head over heels in love with each other and the complexity of what they have established for each other gets in the way of them pursuing a relationship until they throw all caution to the wind and jump in head first; or two, the couple finds that they cannot make the arrangement work any longer because one party finds someone better or one party wants more than the other is willing to give.

And that everyone is the premise of Lynn Gilliard’s quick and to the point book.  The fact that women tend to become emotionally attached when sex is involved (read every single romance novel ever written to verify this statement) and men sometimes do not – men, in the author’s opinion, do not want the relationship first; they want the sex and then the friend and confidant, and then maybe, just maybe the relationship, where a woman needs everything in the opposite direction, the relationship first, then the sex.  So how come many woman, in particular, find themselves in this situation? Low self-esteem, a desire to be a part of something, even if it is insignificant, each situation is different, however, this book generalizes the whole thing.

Personally, I found this pamphlet, not book, to be less than stellar in terms of developing the whole concept and how women can come out of the cycle of being the friend with benefits, she discusses how women get into the cycle, but never really does outline how they can overcome it.  It is a quick summary with more “Go read this or that book I’ve written” instead of pulling everything together in this one pamphlet.  Honestly, this is not anything different than a diatribe summary biased by one woman who has been burned by a similar situation.

One out of Five Stars for this one.

**I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review**

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