Book Review: Green Eggs and Weezie, Cathy Olliffe-Webster


Green Eggs and Weezie by Cathy Olliffe-Webster

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“You think you’ve got the world by the woo-hoo, don’t you? Happily married? Oh yeah. Good kids? Uh huh. That’s what Weezie Polk thought until one day the man who would never cheat on her (never, never, oh no, not him) was caught massaging bare boobies … and they weren’t hers! 

One thing leads to another and, before you can say Dr. Seuss, Weezie is changing her favourite ladybug underwear in the county jail. 

How does a respectable, middle-class woman wind up in the back of a police cruiser? How does she lose her house? Her children? And what possesses her to shack up in a dilapidated farmhouse in the middle of a harsh Canadian winter, with nothing but whispers from a long dead grandmother and a can of blueberry pie filling? 

Green Eggs & Weezie is a cautionary tale for all women who trust too much. There are things even the happiest married women should do to protect themselves and Mizz Weezie will lead them through the messy labyrinth that is a broken heart, with humour, passion and a recipe for the best meat loaf you’ve ever tasted.”

I am more than certain we have all been down a road that never seems to end that somehow ultimately changes us forever…I went down that road in 2008 when my husband’s depression too him down a road I never, and I mean absolutely NEVER imagine he would go – no he did not cheat on me – oh no his story ended somewhat similar to Weezie’s in as much as he was arrested and then out on probation with his world turned on its head, and now here we are six years later and our life looks absolutely nothing like it did for the first seven years of our marriage.  So now we have re-thought our entire life from the bottom-up, finances, our relationship, and even spending.  Sort of in a similar fashion as Weezie needed to.

When Weezie Polk, forty-something housewife and mother’s husband Butch commits the ultimate betrayal of trust she does what she thinks is right, she lets him move back into the family home until he can get back on his feet – but there’s a condition – so long as there’s no tension he can stay as long as he needs to – well it would seem Butch has other ideas and in my opinion he sets her up so he can get what he wants, the kids, the house, and the car.  He wants his “cake and to eat it too” so it would seem…and in a very douche move he creates a situation that would back Weezie into a corner and send her over the edge, thus setting him up to reach that end goal!

I have mixed feelings about this book – while I thoroughly enjoyed reading Weezie’s journey from the ultimate doormat to a strong woman who has found her Inner Goddess – ironically through living in the dilapidated remains of her Grandmother’s Farmhouse that seems to talk to her in her Grandmother’s voice – the very comfort zone she needed to step out of! Through her journey of self-discovery she finds her purpose in life.  I found that this type of book has become more common as women are seeking this outlet and means to finding themselves they look toward fiction writers to help guide them! This is definitely a read I will recommend to any woman of any age who finds herself at a crossroads in her life.

Four out of Five Stars for Green Eggs and Weezie only because the story slows at points when Weezie reaches the farmhouse.

**I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review**

Obtain your copy of this Wonderful and Amusing Read through here

You can connect with author Cathy Olliffe-Webster through her Blog, Cold Lake Cathy


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