August 15th…And Update…Stuck Again…


I believe that’s what they call a situation where neither party can either agree or disagree and are as they say Stuck.

Yup that’s me right now, I am stuck.

After my conversations with the two editors I had, what is it, two months ago, I am stuck again.  I know what I need to do, but I am in a complete rut right now.

My reasoning is simple; My personal financial life has literally taken over every single facet of my life – I am worrying about all things finance 24/7 it seems…and therefore cannot concentrate on anything else, specifically my path to publishing.

I have come to one finite conclusion as of today – I simply cannot remain in my current job – it’s detrimental to my overall financial health to remain here – so now I start looking for new jobs in my immediate area – which then puts a damper on anything publishing related.  Why? Simple – I cannot foresee myself transitioning to a new job only to leave shortly after I start to pursue this path – changing jobs isn’t easy and it’s not right to have a new company put their faith in me only to have me up and leave within a year to move to a new location for yet another job.

So where does that leave my chosen career path? Up in the air for now – I have some general ideas of what to do, what I want to do, and how to keep my “foot in the door” so to speak:

– a Friend suggested doing some Freelance writing, ok so maybe that’s an option to pursue and it’s one I am trying to research

– I will keep doing book reviews/Fanfiction reviews – as I still am doing a lot of reading

– Contact the Editors/Agents of my favorite authors/those who have inspired me and see if there’s anything I can do for them (pro bono of course)

It’s these three items that’s keeping me going!

So off we go!

That’s all for now!


8 thoughts on “August 15th…And Update…Stuck Again…

    • It’s the best that can be done right now – Thanks for the comments and the pick me up! I am hopeful, though the market is especially tough right now where we live…I’ll need the best of luck!

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