I’d Say It’s Been a Very Busy Couple of Days!

My oh my oh my it has been busy here lately – my letters FINALLY went out this week and I am very happy about that – while anxious and nervous I am more excited than anything!  And, then yesterday I received a response to one via email from Book Hub, Inc.  the group I do book reviews for from time-to-time and they are interested in speaking with me, WHAT?!?!?! I am very excited to have gotten this response:

“I have received your letter and wanted to personally reply. Unfortunately, Corinne Keuper is no longer working for us at Book Hub.  After reading over your letter, I couldn’t help but be interested. In fact, I wanted you to know that I would be more than willing to help you. Would you like to interview me instead? I have quite an extensive writing/publishing background for being quite young considering, and perhaps my perspective and experience you may find helpful. I hope that correspondence via email is alright with you.”

Oh my Goodness! I am so very thrilled – I responded last night to him with this:

“Good Evening Bri,

 Thanks for getting back to me, and so quickly.  I really appreciate your offer, I do have several questions I would like to ask.  You can either answer them here or we can set-up a time to chat over the phone, whichever is easiest for you.  Let me know.
My two biggest questions:
  1.  What are your thoughts on the current temperature of the industry?
  2. What would I need to do in order to make the transition from Finance to Publishing?

If you don’t mind, can you kind of give me a run-down of your day/week, or the process of getting a book from manuscript to getting the final product to market?

Any advice you can give would be helpful in terms of the transition itself – I have previous experience working in a sales environment – mostly as a sales assistant – but am looking to move to a position where I can apply my love of reading and my knowledge of sales/marketing/economics, does that make sense?

Do you have any suggestions for training or re-training, it has been about six years since I graduated with my MBA.

How would one begin to make this move?

As my letter stated, I am not a writer, nor am I looking to become a writer – I am more interested in the behind the scenes positions – editing, being an agent/scout, public relations, marketing, etc., so do you have suggestions on how I would begin to apply my basic finance/admin knowledge to one of those positions?

I don’t want to overwhelm all at once – we can start with this and move on as questions arise.

Again I really appreciate your offer for your guidance.”

Maybe I’ll see response on Monday, really hope so!

And then this morning I log onto my email and see that one of my wonderful followers, mybrandofgenius, nominated me for the Leibseter Award! WHAT?!! I am very pleased about that as well, not sure how it works but I will try to figure it out – I believe I am supposed to post 11 random facts about myself with this award



So here we go:

  1. I love to unwind by Crocheting – I generally have more than one project going at a time
  2. Video games absolutely annoy and confound me
  3. Reading used to not be something I actually enjoyed – it wasn’t until I was 13 that I read my first Danielle Steele novel and got hooked – have been ever since
  4. I am a bit of a movie fanatic – I have random movie facts rambling around in my head and can pull quotes from well over 400 movies from my brain at any given moment – and not just well known ones, like “Run Forrest Run” from Forrest Gump
  5. Same goes with Music – I have a veritable amount of random music trivia in my brain
  6. While I enjoy exercise – I just don’t have the time most of the time
  7. I sort of ‘fell’ into my life as a professional administrator – I set out to do something in Marketing and it sort of happened
  8. I have a hard time making friends and trusting people in real life, I think this is why I flourish better with online friendships
  9. Being lied to is one of my biggest pet peeves and will generally put someone on my ignore list very quickly
  10. I am terrified of making phone calls
  11. For some odd reason I am very good with all things financial but really find it boring…go figure

Now I think I am to nominate some of my friends for this same award – that list will come later  as I have some digging to do on that!

I hope everyone has an awesome day!

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