With a Little Push and Priming the Engine Can Be Re-Started…

It’s a red letter day in my life – change is afoot and I am actually very calm about it – excitement is the underlying feeling right now – anxiousness for tomorrow to arrive and a tad bit of anxiety due to the unknown – I am a mixture of all of these things right now…and why might you ask???

Drum roll Please…

The letters are going out!

What?!?!? Yup I finally drew up the gumption after my last post and am finally officially sending them out! I had the letters/labels printed on Saturday at Office Max and then spent yesterday signing them, stuffing envelopes and labeling said envelopes, adding stamps and am now in the process of sending them out in waves.  I am doing it this way because I am sending them from work and I don’t want to arouse suspicion.  I am not sending them from home because our mailbox hangs on the side of the house and doesn’t have anywhere to place outgoing mail other than balancing it haphazardly between the opening and the slot where the mail actually goes.  I’d never run by a post office, so it’s just easier this way – thus the anxiousness for tomorrow so I can send out the next batch!  The top 5 went out today and with that a wave of relief washed over me…

So now the waiting game is on!

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