AMother’s Day to Remember…

Well the switch has been made, my husband managed to dig up for me a ‘new-used’ Kindle Keyboard for Mother’s Day – evidently his boss replaced his and was giving away his old one – and my hubby being the wonderful man that he is told him he had the perfect home for it!

Yup! ME!!

Previously I had said that I wouldn’t make the switch, wasn’t interested, but its truly difficult to avoid all the technology thrown our way on a daily basis – there’s one guy in New York who walked away from his for an entire year and still didn’t come to any great moment of enlightenment – so with that in mind, I am making the switch over for the most part…I will probably still buy my Black Dagger Brotherhood books in print format so I can have them in my library as J.R. Ward releases them (yes the next one has been announced for next Spring) but in the mean time I am going to be reading all I can on my new ‘toy’!

So far my thoughts are this – its very easy to navigate, the keyboard allowed me to link it directly to my amazon account without having to flip the thing over a hundred times to find the seriel number or try my darndest to type anything into my Amazon account.  I just went to a settings screen from the menu, typed in my username and password, clicked on the submit button and within seconds it was all linked it! That is because I have what Amazon refers to as Whispernet on it and it’ll send anything I order to it electronically-wirelessly, it’s awesome! I already have about 1/2 dozen items to read on it (yes another reason this was something I avoided, my checkbook can’t handle quick order ;-)) But everything I have on it thus far, less one item has been free, so nothing on my checking account except one order.  I like it and am looking forward to having it for a very long time!

Will say this though, it’ll make doing reviews that much easier and quicker!

On another side note as to why my Mother’s Day ROCKED!  We spent yesterday at the beach (we live 20 – 30 mins away from four different beaches), just relaxing, chilling! While the air was comfortable, warm with a wonderful warm breeze coming in off the ocean – the water was ice cold! But that did zilch to keep my kids out of the water, just take a look at this:

A Day at the Beach


Love living on the Coast!


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