Book Review: Hold Me Down Hard, Cathryn Fox

Found a link on Twitter the other week to review books for Entangled Publishing, clicked on it and signed-up to review one of their new books, the other week I was sent this novella to read and review, anxiously I sat down with my lunch at work and opened the file to find, Hold Me Down Hard by Cathryn Fox.  A short book, or rather novella, sitting at fifty-two (52) pages divided over four (4) chapters.  To say I was surprised would be a vast understatement, but the content itself was riveting.

The book opens with Eden – Idaho farm girl transplanted to New York City working as an actress, who secretly holds deep down desires for BDSM, rough and tumble, erotic sex fantasies – these desires actually a turn off for many a ex-boyfriend from her small farming town, and historically once shared, the guys go running for an otherwise ‘Nice Girl.’  She fantasizes about her neighbor, Jay Bennett, who she feels would be able to fulfill her ever naughty desire.  Instead of pursuing Jay via the normal route, they’ve befriended each other and she’s managed to keep her sexually deviant thoughts to herself.  But like anyone who has ever been in a male/female friendship couple who finds themselves wanting more, she worries about losing her friend once she shares her fantasies.  Her other female friends encourage her to finally take the steps she’s managed to avoid and come up with a ‘plan of action’ to lure Jay in.

Next we meet, Jay Bennett, New York City Police Officer haunted by his sisters murder, who has fallen hard for his neighbor Eden.  He not only finds her extremely attractive but he lusts after her with his entire being, so much so that just the sound of her voice turns him on – yet he has chosen to not act on his desires as he feels she deserves more than a beat cop with a dark past. Instead he has chosen to try and just be the ‘best friend’ and it is this friendship bond he shares with her that only heightens the desire he has for her.  Completely unaware that she desires him as well, he opts to play his own fantasies over and over in his head – but like Eden, fantasy will only get you so far – so when she comes knocking on his door asking him to run ‘lines’ with him, he goes willingly.

This novella moves rather quickly, the reader is pulled through the paces seemingly at light speed.  I wouldn’t classify it as a romance as about half the story is two extremely hot and heavy sex scenes – while they are seamlessly threaded into the story – there is little else happening other than the normal awkward push and pull found in most romantic novels.  That being the case, our quick glimpse into Jay & Eden’s life leaves us wanting to know more.  But, alas those questions will remain unanswered.  Hot and heavy to the core, anyone who has crossed the line from best friends to lovers can identify with our characters and get pulled right in.

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