It’s a Day…May Day, May 1st…Time for an Update

Seems as of late my Financial Life Lessons blog has been busier than ever, conversations started, responses ensued and this wonderful space of mine in cyberspace got neglected, so for that I am feeling terribly guilty.

Ok so where are we, well for starters I have my letters formatted and ready to go – I’ve spent the better part of the last two weeks or so collecting names, titles, addresses, etc. so I can direct them to a specific person within an organization as instructed by my wonderful follower here robstroud.  So I have a list of about 14 names and addresses to send them to – I’ve already emailed one to the Wylie Agency in New York as they stated on their website they preferred email contact – I will also be following-up with an actual letter.  My task this weekend is to connect and install a printer we have sitting at home to our computer in hopes that I can get it working and print these things with envelopes without having to go to Office Max or somewhere similar, saves time and money – just hoping I can get it to work.

Next on the agenda is a brief write-up of a short-story I received from Entangled Publishing, Hold Me Down Hard that I have volunteered to review…finding this hard to do as it’s 4 Chapters and the whole of 52 pages, but I am more than certain I can come up with something!

I am also embarking on a somewhat ambitious project to research and speak about the history of the publishing industry and book binding as a whole – I have found some interesting items and wanted to write something, albeit brief, about the history of this industry as it’s something that is fascinating me to no end.  I am going to try and highlight Joseph Pulitzer in some of that research.  I won’t talk about everything I find and read, but will summarize as best as I can.

And, lastly I do have some articles that have been sent to me to write about – I have notes in my handy dandy notebook, but still need to translate them here, this too is on the ever expanding ‘to do’ list!

Let’s hope I can get at least some of this done sooner rather than later – my actual paying job is consuming a ton of my time right now and I barely have time to breath, so I am squeezing stuff in where I can – including posting when I should be working…so off I go! Will catch up when I can surface…


5 thoughts on “It’s a Day…May Day, May 1st…Time for an Update

  1. Wow! Your post crackles with energy. You must have youth on your side. If I were carrying your load and one more thing were added, I think I’d crack. But, it is May! And a time for regeneration! Ah, springtime! May it’s energies stay with you well into the fall and winter. Blessings…

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