Three Things…I am Most Passionate About.

There are three things in life I am that most passionate about and spend most of my time either reading about, doing, or thinking about…these three things are outside my family, obviously they are first, but these secondary ‘hobbies’ or rather ‘interests’ hold me together more than anything.

The first of these is Music, I played the violin from 4th grade all the way through my senior year of high school, then I put it down and never picked it back up, seriously kicking myself in the arse for that now as I think it would enrich my children’s lives that much more to have me playing regularly for them.  Outside of actually playing for them, I instead have chosen to educate them in all genre’s of music available.  My playlist would give one whiplash – and it does at work on a semi-regular basis – people come into my cube and they never know if they are going to be privy to Nickelback, Rascal Flatts, Adele, Harry Connick Jr., Paramore, Johnny Cash, or Gaelic Storm.  About the only things they won’t hear are Hard Core Rap or Gospel music as neither genre interests me, with Rap being more of something that offends me.  My children listen to music with us, we don’t have cable, so therefore, the radio stands in place of TV entertainment (of course we have our DVD player with 400+ movies in our library, and growing seemingly weekly) – so my children are exposed to a wide range of music and they have developed their own interests in music – my son for example loves Bruno Mars and Taio Cruz where my daughter is gaga for Maroon 5 and Kelly Clarkson (we’re going to their Honda Civic tour concert in September, she’s thrilled) while my hubby listens to more Indie Music than the mainstream stuff that’s on the radio.  Music surrounds our household like bubble wrap most days and there’s always a radio on or the iTunes play list!

The second is the reason for this blog – BOOKS! I have explained my logic for this time and time again – books are a means to an escape, they are a way to leave reality for a few short hours and immerse oneself into fictional worlds and lives of the characters on the page – or learn about people, cultures, and lives through documentary style books – change your life through self-help books or in general just find a way to be.

The third is my photography, yes my dearie’s I am one of many who has discovered the joys of her digital camera and use it to my ever last advantage to capture the images of the world around me – this passion began one day while unemployed, I was bored out of my mind so I started taking pictures playing with my camera and what do you know an latent talent surfaced and I was able to photograph the very things in my world around me that fascinated me – I started with flowers, moved to the inanimate objects around me and then ventured into people.  I have photographed subjects for Wilma Magazine, a Wedding and I do my kids’ portraits every summer instead of paying through the nose for the Lifetouch “photos” if you want to call them that from the school…I have a blog that’s been semi dormant for awhile along with my facebook page, but I am still taking pics on a regular basis!

My blog:  lg photography Blog Spot

Thanks for letting me just talk today!


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