Intro Letter Finalized…Where Are They Going?

Alright so with the letter finalized, I think I need to figure out exactly where they are going, I have a list, albeit not that huge of Publishers/Scouts/Agents I am going to send it to, I am least of all anxious to the response I’ll get once they are sent out.  So without further adieu here’s my list:

Book Hub, Inc.

Bettina Schrewe, Literary Scouting

Franklin & Siegel Associates, Inc.

Mary Anne Thompson Associates

ICM Partnets


Hachette Boook Group

Harper Collins

Simon & Schuster

Beach Lane Books

I have snail mail addresses for all of these companies and email addresses, mainly to HR/hiring, that I’ll send it to – anxious is probably the best way to describe how I am feeling presently!  Once they are sent I should probably have a list of questions I want answered and a structure to how I want to conversation to flow – so that’s my next brainstorming event after I write up this next Fanfiction review!  So stay tuned for that…it’s coming soon, ‘Tapas at Twilight’


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