Need Assistance and Review – Letter to Publishers/Editors/Scouts, Revised

Alright everyone, Version 2 is here – I’ve made some modifications to to the original letter, so please peruse through and give me feedback – I am absolutely horrible at writing these types of things and tend to go on and on and on about stuff I do not need to – I do believe this is called rambling.  It’s currently 451 words, and I fear it might be too long, so HELP!!!

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Lara Girdler; I am addressing this letter today in order to achieve a simple goal: to open the lines of communication through a basic informational interview. I am merely looking to talk with someone who works day-to-day in the industry I so long to join. I am looking to move from the world of finance to the world of publishing where my love of reading and books can be married with a future career. I am not coming to the table with much working knowledge of how the industry works, but some basic knowledge of the industry as a whole. That is where someone in your organization will come into play, as either a mentor, information outlet, or even a one-time conversation, however you choose to look at it, I am simply looking to talk, nothing more.

My educational background includes a Bachelor’s of Arts in Management with a Minor in International Economics from Hood College, graduating in 2000; then a Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from the University of Phoenix, graduating in 2007.  It is with this degree that I will hopefully find my ‘home’ in the industry, seeking out new books and finding a way to put them before the general public. Since graduation I have been working mainly in finance support, namely administrative work assisting finance personnel with payroll, billing, and tracking.  I am currently employed as a Payroll Support Specialist working in the nuclear industry, assisting our field team with submitting and clearing expense reports and timecards, tracking of pending credit card transactions and managing the bill rates for the field team.

Recently I have begun doing book reviews on a volunteer basis for a small publisher, reading their novels before publishing and giving feedback on the story, what I liked about the story and what I did not like about it. Is the book one I would recommend for other readers, if so why, and if not why? In addition to doing these I have been reviewing Fanfiction work I read on the same level as the ones I have done for the book publisher above, posting these reviews to my personal blog and to retailer websites for the publisher.

If you have stayed with me thus far, Thank-You; to reiterate what I am looking for is insight from someone who works in the industry. That is all I am seeking, someone to talk to and might be willing to help me navigate the industry and find my ‘place.’ Thank-You for considering my request, and I look forward to working with a member of your organization in the future, my contact information is here:


2 thoughts on “Need Assistance and Review – Letter to Publishers/Editors/Scouts, Revised

  1. Good luck. Joining a local writer’s group is your best bet for learning more and making contacts. There are good online writing communities also. But here’s a quick edit of your letter which you may find helpful:

    Dear [use their title and actual name or don’t bother to mail it],

    Would you be willing to help change the life of a successful financial professional eager to learn more about entering your rewarding career field? I’m not trying to sell anything . . . just to borrow a few minutes of your time learning how I might transition into ___ [use their specific job: publishing/editing/etc]

    My name is Lara Girdler. I would be grateful if you would consider allowing me to briefly interview you. I am hope to move from the world of finance to the world of publishing better suited to my love of reading and literature.

    If you are not personally able to aid me in learning more, perhaps you know someone who might be willing to allow me to speak with them about this subject?

    I have an MBA and possess an expertise in financial subjects. However, my interests extend far beyond this field.

    I recently began providing manuscript [since it’s before the books are published and that’s more impressive than writing book reviews after the fact] reviews on a volunteer basis for a small publisher. They have praised my comments about their novels’ plot lines, character development and voice.

    Thank you for reading this unsolicited letter. I know you have many demands on your time. That’s why I would be so very, very appreciative if you would either allow me to interview you or suggest a colleague who might be receptive. I would be happy to conduct the interview telephonically or via email—whatever you find most convenient.


    [No need to add your contact info in the body of the letter, since it’s on your letterhead (which everyone can create for themselves with their computer and printer).]

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