Need Feedback: Intro Letter to Publishers/Agents/Scouts, Etc.

Ok I have been writing this letter off and on for weeks, and I think I finally have a draft I am semi-comfortable with…but I am seeking some input.  My goal with this letter is to simply open the lines of communication with those working in the industry, these letters will be snail-mailed and emailed to groups I have a list of, yes it’s a form letter, should I make them more personal depending on who it’s going to? It’s not a cover letter so to speak as I am not seeking a job quite yet, just want someone to talk to….HELP everyone!!

So without further adieu:

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is XXXXXXXX; I am currently employed as a Payroll Support Specialist working in the nuclear industry looking to make the move from the world of finance and payroll to the wonderful world of Publishing.  My background is primarily one of where I have worked in most areas of finance for the past eleven years since I graduated with my Bachelors of Arts in Management in May 2000 from XXXXXXXX following-up that education with a Master’s in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing from the XXXXXXXXXXX in May 2007.

I am addressing this letter today in order to achieve a simple goal: to open the lines of communication.  I am not looking to get published, for a writer I am not, no I am a reader.  I am in no way looking for a position quite yet; I am merely looking for a way to talk with someone who works day-to-day in the industry I so long to join.  I am looking to move from the world of finance as stated above to the world of publishing where my love of reading and books can be married with a career.  I am not coming to the table with much working knowledge of how the industry works, but some basic knowledge of the industry as a whole.  That is where someone in your organization will come into play, so to speak, as a mentor, information outlet, or even a one-time conversation, however you choose to look at it, I am simply looking to talk, nothing more.

 Though, I have done my ‘homework’ on the types of jobs available and the career paths one might choose, as well a basic working knowledge of some of the current industry trends.  For example, I have been following how publishers and retailers are struggling to find a common ground in terms of marketing eBooks and eReaders to children and their parents, this twofold issue is not only how to they engage children with more interactive eBooks, but how they also get them to comprehend what they are reading.  The second piece of this equation is how to market to the children, a group whose reading decisions are made by someone else, their parents.  This along with the struggles of the brick and mortar bookstores, where most of the browsing happens, has made marketing and sales increasingly difficult to not just the publishers but the authors, those who choose to self-publish, and those who go the semi-traditional route of a publishing house, and the stores continuing to be able to draw readers into their stores.

 If you have stayed with me thus far, Thank-You; what I am looking for is insight from someone who works in the industry.  That is all I am seeking, someone to talk to and might be willing to help me navigate the industry and find my ‘place.’  Thank-You for considering my request, and I look forward to working with a member of your organization in the future, my contact information is here:

I am leaving my contact info out of this arena for obvious reasons, but I am including both a home/cell phone number and the primary email address I utilize…thoughts anyone?!?!?

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